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BNP leader exposed

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Issue 1764

BNP leader exposed

Why this man is a Nazi

“MY AIM was political. It was to cause a racial war in this country. There’d be a backlash from the ethnic communities, then all the white people would go and vote BNP.”

These are the words of David Copeland, the British National Party (BNP) supporter who killed three people and injured many others with three nailbombings in 1999.

This was the year Nick Griffin took control of the BNP. He has tried to hide the BNP’s Nazi beliefs inside a shell of respectability. He argued in 1998 that the BNP needed “saleable” policies after the defeat of its attempt to break through in the early 1990s. But Griffin and the party he leads are Nazi to the core.

Poor are ‘scum’

GRIFFIN IS a toff, yet he pretends to speak for white working class people. He is the son of a Tory landowner and was brought up on a Suffolk farm. He went to a private school, then Downing College at the elite Cambridge University in 1978.

His business ventures failed. But his rich relatives bailed him out. Griffin now lives off a six-figure inheritance and has his own farm in Wales. He built an extension to his farmhouse using thousands of pounds of BNP funds. John Tyndall, the BNP leader before Griffin, argued, “Inherited wealth, far from being a social evil, can be a great social good. “It increases the probability that assets come into the hands of those best fitted to use them by virtue of genetic advantage.”

The BNP supports big business and is especially keen on British fat cats. It also wants to con white working class people into voting for it and into joining its thuggish gangs. But Griffin has contempt for all working people. He said of poor white youth in east London that “we need the boot boys”, but said that people on housing estates are “scum”.

Violent attacks

THE LEADERSHIP of the BNP have a string of convictions for violence, terrorism and race hatred.

  • TONY LECOMBER is Griffin’s number two in the party and the BNP’s “Group Development Officer”. He was convicted in 1985 on five counts for offences under the Explosives Act. They included possession of home-made hand grenades and electronic timing devices. In 1991 he was jailed again, for three years, for a ferocious attack on a Jewish schoolteacher in Gants Hill, east London. He has a total of 12 convictions.
  • JOHN TYNDALL was a general election candidate in 2001 and is a founder member of the BNP. In 1962 he was jailed for organising a paramilitary group. In 1966 he was sent to prison for firearms offences. In 1986 he was convicted for incitement to racial hatred and given a 12-month sentence. He has a total of six convictions.

Hatred of black people

THE BNP wants to kick every black person and Jew out of Britain. They want an all-white Britain – one without Lenny Henry, Lennox Lewis, Mel B, Sol Campbell and every other black person, whether they were born here or not.

It describes as British those who can trace their origins back “10,000 years”! So those with ancestors from Italy, Spain, France, and so on are also not welcome.

It claims it makes an exception for “Saxons” and “the Irish”. The Nazis know they cannot publicly call for “compulsory repatriation”. So three years ago Griffin and his supporters (principally convicted bomber Tony Lecomber) cooked up another con. Griffin wrote:

“Back in 1968, when the repatriation policy since associated with British nationalism was first popularised, it was possible to think in terms of repatriation of all non-whites within one parliamentary term…this is clearly no longer practical. If we continue to ask for something which the British people at their present dumbed-down level of racial awareness will not give, then it will not happen.”

He said the BNP should campaign first for “voluntary repatriation. Isn’t that easier to sell than compulsory repatriation for all?” When asked why black people who are settled here would want to leave, the BNP replies that they would go because they would be made to “feel unwelcome”.

After a few years BNP public policy is to move towards compulsory repatriation. Its public policy is:

  • Pressure to drive black people out of Britain.
  • Denying black people jobs and housing.
  • A ban on mixed relationships.
  • A ban on abortions for white women so they can be baby-factories to make up the decline in population.
  • Opening a “Resettlement Office” which will be “fully occupied”.
  • Compulsory repatriation.

There are the precisely the steps Hitler’s Nazis took in Germany in the 1930s. When the Nazis come to power in 1933 they said Jews had nothing to fear. But Jews were driven out of jobs. Their homes, shops and synagogues were attacked. Nazi thugs enforced a boycott of Jewish businesses.

Two years later the Nuremburg decrees outlawed relationships between Jews and non-Jews. Some Jews left Germany in “voluntary emigration”. In 1939 to 1945 Jews were herded into ghettos behind walls. They were forcibly deported to Eastern Europe.

The Nazis adopted the “final solution” in 1941 to 1945, the systematic murder in death camps of six million Jews.

Long history in Nazi groups

GRIFFIN HAS been a member of every main Nazi organisation in Britain at some point over the last 25 years. His father took him to National Front meetings in 1975. He became NF youth organiser three years later and student organiser in 1980. Griffin then plotted to become NF leader, supported by his friend, the Italian fascist Roberto Fiore.

Fiore is a convicted terrorist, and was involved with the fascist group that bombed the Bologna train station in 1979, killing 80 people. Griffin’s father is well known as Fiore’s accountant for a string of businesses in Britain dressed up as charities.

Griffin then formed an organisation called the International Third Position, based on the ideas of an Italian Nazi who was even more extreme than Mussolini. He joined the BNP in 1996. Like all hardcore Nazis, Griffin is a crazed anti-Semite. He denies that Hitler’s Nazis murdered six million Jews in the Holocaust. In 1998 he wrote in his anti-Semitic hate sheet, the Rune:

“I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated… Orthodox opinion also once held that the earth is flat… I have reached the conclusion that the ‘extermination’ tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria.” He was convicted that year for incitement to racial hatred and given a two-year suspended sentence.

He rewrote an anti-Semitic tract called Did Six Million Really Die? and claimed in a pamphlet called Mindbenders that “Jews controlled” the mass media and pumped out “a diet of pro-homosexual, multicultural trash”. The BNP now says it has nothing to do with NF marches and murderers in the C18 Nazi terror group.

But Griffin told undercover reporters for the Cook Report programme in 1996 that his long term aim was to merge with the NF.

Power of force, not democracy

THE BNP wants a dictatorship. All its core members believe in the aim that was until recently public policy-“an authoritarian state in Britain”, with “freedom for those who are fit to use it and a curb on those who are not. People whose freedom must be curbed are the pressure groups, the media, the trade unions.”

Griffin wrote in 1996, “It is more important to control the streets of a city than its council chamber.” He is for violence against trade unionists, black people and anyone else who stands in the way of a BNP state.

Griffin wrote in 1995 about the BNP being “a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan ‘Defend rights for whites’ with well directed boots and fists.

“When the crunch comes, power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate.” Like Hitler, the BNP tries to use elections but does not believe in democracy. Griffin let his true feelings slip in the run-up to the 1997 general election. He wrote that the “election itself is of minor importance” but “will provide an unrivalled opportunity to gather intelligence on opponents…their key people can be quietly visited.” The Nazis hate the democratic power of workers organised in trade unions.

When the Tories were in power the BNP said that their anti-union laws were “a series of spineless compromises which left union power practically undiminished”. It now claims it is in favour of trade unions-but without Labour Party supporters or socialists playing a role in them.

That is what Hitler said before he took power in January 1933. Within six months he first banned the German equivalent of the Labour Party and other left wing parties. He then banned trade unions, replacing them with sham Nazi unions under his control.

Hitler banned every other political party in Germany, and even organisations like the boy scouts that were not under Nazi control.

In their words

“WHEN WE get to power our opponents will be swept away like flies.”

  • JOHN TYNDALL, East London Advertiser, 1976

“ASIANS ARE rubbish, and that is what we are going to clear from the streets.”

  • DEREK BEACKON, after winning a council seat for the BNP on the Isle of Dogs in 1993 (he was kicked out of office seven months later)

“THOSE RESPONSIBLE for creating this multi-racial hell hole must face trial and pay the ultimate penalty.”

  • NICK GRIFFIN, Wales on Sunday, 11 August 1996

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