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BNP poses as ‘respectable’ but…

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Issue 1756

BNP poses as ‘respectable’ but…

These men are Nazis

Tiny Lecomber, convicted Bomber Nick Griffin, convicted of race hate Terry Blackham, convicted of violence

BRITAIN’S NAZIS are putting on a respectable front on TV and radio. Don’t be fooled. The British National Party and National Front are Hitler-loving thugs. The BNP’s leader, Nick Griffin, wants to hide his Nazi roots. But he urges “well directed boots and fists” to deliver “rights for whites”.

Griffin was convicted in 1998 of inciting racial hatred. He wants to kick every black and Asian person out of Britain, saying, “All black people will be repatriated, even if they were born here.” Griffin may try to hide it, but this is still BNP policy. The BNP Nazis don’t only hate all “non-whites”. Like Hitler, they are anti-gay and against disabled people.

Griffin admires what Hitler did in Germany. He thinks hatred of Jews is “rational”. He describes the Holocaust of six million Jews as a “lie” and “hysteria”. Griffin’s deputy is Tony Lecomber. He was sentenced to three years in prison for possessing bomb-making equipment.

And he got another three-year sentence for attacking a Jewish schoolteacher. Terry Blackham is a leading member of the National Front. He has over 20 convictions for violence and served more than four years for gun-running. We need to expose the Nazis every time they show their faces. They want more racist attacks and murders like that of Stephen Lawrence. The Nazis are the enemy of every black, white and Asian person. We should unite to drive them back into the gutter.

Drive Nazis off streets Keep them out of media Black, white and Asian unite

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