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BNP uses apartheid tactics to keep party racist

This article is over 11 years, 10 months old
BNP leaders are planning to introduce an apartheid-style membership system to keep ethnic minorities from being involved in key areas of the party.
Issue 2192

BNP leaders are planning to introduce an apartheid-style membership system to keep ethnic minorities from being involved in key areas of the party.

Griffin plans to introduce special “founder member” status for all those who joined the party before it was forced to amend its racist constitution.

The constitutional amendments have been forced by a court case being brought against the BNP by the Equalities Commission, which says the party’s constitution is racist.

The case has been heard and postponed twice and will conclude in London this Friday.

But clearly BNP members and councillors still intend to carry on with business as usual.

“Founder members” meetings, as Griffin crony Clive Jefferson told BNP members in Cumbria, will be set up to exclude black and Asian members.

Griffin wants to use this racist policy to create a two-tier membership system which will give white members special privileges.

It echoes the apartheid laws used by the white South African government from 1948 onwards to enforce racial segregation.

The Guardian newspaper published a leaked BNP internal memo this week. It tells members, “We don’t expect any more than a handful of people of ethnic minority origin to apply to join the party nationally, and we will not let this deflect us from our political objectives of saving Britain and restoring the primacy of the indigenous British people.”

The People newspaper recently sent one of its Asian journalists undercover to ask to join the BNP’s Barking branch.

Christine Knight, one of the 12 BNP councillors in the borough, told him, ‘The constitution may have changed but our core members would have a problem with you.

‘You are for your people and I’m for mine.” She went on to say, ‘People can say I’m a racist for saying it but it’s my opinion.’

Whatever the court decides, the BNP is not a normal political party. It is a fascist organisation.

It is not surprising that it seeks convoluted means to both stay within the law—enabling it to field candidates in elections—while protecting its real racist nature.

BNP teacher’s race hatred exposed

BNP member Adam Walker could become the first teacher in the country to be struck off for religious intolerance.

He is being brought before the General Teaching Council after he was caught posting racist comments during a lesson, using school computers.

Walker, from County Durham, admits to posting anti-Muslim comments. He is also alleged to have posted comments against asylum seekers, immigrants and the “promotion” of homosexuality on the BNP’s website during lesson time.

Walker now works as a campaigns coordinator for BNP MEP Andrew Brons.

The hearing will reconvene on 24 May 2010.

Ricin man’s links to Nazis

The BBC News website reported this week that “a man has admitted producing the lethal poison ricin while preparing for acts of terrorism”.

But what you won’t read there is that Ian Davison and his son were first arrested in June 2009 by counter-terrorism police in County Durham investigating white supremacists.

He was charged with possession of ricin poison said to be 6,000 times more deadly than cyanide.

The media has remained almost silent on the fact that Davison is linked to various Nazi organisations including the BNP and is a member of the Aryan Strike Force.

BNP caught lying again

The BNP has been caught lying to voters in Barking and Dagenham—again.

The party has distributed thousands of leaflets showing an all-white family under the slogan “Why people like you voted BNP”.

The leaflet claims that “the BNP proudly put British people first”.

But the happy family pictured are actually models from America posing for an advert promoting an orthodontic practice in Missouri in the US.

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