By Sadie Robinson
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Boris Johnson bids for bosses’ vote

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Issue 2663
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson (Pic: Foreign and Commonwealth Office/Flickr)

Boris Johnson is set to be the next prime minister and Tory leader.

He spent the last part of his campaign spelling out why he would be the best candidate to help Britain’s bosses.

Some of his ideas sounded like they would help ordinary people. But his real concern is for the rich.

So Johnson said he backed an “amnesty” for so-called “illegal” migrants that would see their criminal status removed after a period of time.

But this isn’t geared towards making migrants’ lives better—it’s about what Johnson thinks is good for business.

So he complained that there are “half a million people in London” who “are not able to take part in the economy” or “pay taxes” because they aren’t legally allowed to be here.


He reiterated his backing for an Australian-style points-based immigration system.

This would see bosses get the labour they need when they need it, at the expense of migrants’ rights. And Johnson would want migrants to work in Britain for “12 years or more” before they can get an amnesty.

He also wants to be tougher on new migrants to avoid creating a “pull factor” and “an upsurge in illegal migration”.

Johnson also set out his plans to deal with mental distress issues and make ordinary people happier.

He praised a therapy “that lifts the spirits of hundreds of millions if not billions of people around the world —work”.

For Johnson, people should have the “counselling and help they need to do their jobs,” not simply to be happier for its own sake.

Apparently the “best therapy of all” is “continued job satisfaction”.

His real concern is how cutting stress and mental health problems can boost “productivity”. “Of all the working days lost to ill health in this country, 57 percent are due to stress, depression or anxiety,” he moaned.

And he cited research showing that these problems “reduce national productivity by £84 billion per year”.

Johnson also found a way to make this apparent concern for ordinary people’s wellbeing into a mechanism for throwing more money at the rich.

He said bosses that provide counselling and other support for workers should get tax breaks.


Johnson has prioritised doing deals with racist US president Donald Trump as part of his drive to deliver Brexit.

“The key to the whole thing is the US,” said one Johnson supporter.

“If we get a trade deal with America it encourages others to realise that we mean business.”

Johnson’s pledge to leave the European Union “do or die” by 31 October will mean continuing rows and divisions within the Tory party.

We need to seize on their weakness.

Johnson’s victory will mean more racism and more attacks on workers—but the answer isn’t his rival Jeremy Hunt. We need to ramp up the resistance to get all the Tories out.

Join the People’s Assembly protests in London 22 July and Manchester 29 September For more info visit Govt Fck Boris protest Wednesday 24 July, 5.30 pm Central London go here for details. Rally for a General Election – Now Thursday 25 July, 6pm-8pm Parliament Square called by the Labour Party. Speakers include Jeremy Corbyn. Details here.

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