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Bus workers boiling in cabs

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Issue 2615
Ticket to fried - its hot on Londons busses
Ticket to fried – it’s hot on London’s busses

The recent hot weather in Britain has left bus workers feeling “drowsy” and “faint” as temperatures soared.

Drivers have reported poorly air conditioned vehicles which mean temperatures of up to 48 degrees.

Unite union rep and London bus driver Moe said, “We are trying to concentrate in this heat so you’re going to be driving slowly, which doesn’t allow any air in.”

Mayor Sadiq Khan countered the complaints by saying “almost all buses now have air-con” and said Transport for London has “written to bus operators to ensure air-con is working.”

But it shouldn’t be left to individual bus companies to “ensure” air conditioning is working. Bus workers in Southend say management have refused to install air conditioning.

“There is nothing safe and comfortable about working on a bus with no air conditioning in this heat”, said one Southend bus driver.

“The bus is like a greenhouse and the little air that does pass through is hardly close to being sufficient”.

Workers should refuse to work in cabs that are too hot, and pressure should be kept on bosses to install air conditioning in buses.

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