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Bush and Blair’s nightmare vision: a generation doomed to war

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More US troops pour into Iraq | New military threats against Iran
Issue 2034

Tony Blair promises us a “generation” of war. Standing on HMS Albion, a naval assault ship, he ranted last week about the need for decades of conflict, and how the British people had to harden themselves for the coming clashes.

Without a hint of regret, he defended the Iraq war, claiming that it had been caused by “alarm at the proliferation of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons” – a lie which nobody now believes.

Blair demanded that Britain be a nation of “war fighters” determined to use “hard power” across the globe.

Safe from the agony and death he has caused, Blair warned service personnel and their families that, “Conflict and therefore casualties may be part of what they are called upon to face.”

He added that the enemy was “not a criminal conspiracy or even a fanatical terrorist organisation. We face something more akin to revolutionary communism in its early and most militant phase.” 

And the inevitable result is that, “For our part, in government, it will mean increased expenditure on equipment, personnel and the conditions of our armed forces – not in the short run but for the long term.”

This chilling speech is not just a declaration of war on ordinary people across the globe. It is also directed against us in Britain.

It is our sons and daughters who will die in these wars, our health, education and welfare that will be sacrificed to fatten the arms budget, and our civil liberties that will be snatched away.

The speech came as an extra 21,500 US troops began pouring into Baghdad – fuelling the flames already engulfing Iraq. And George Bush has now unveiled new threats against Iran.

Bush and Blair have doomed one ­generation to war. Now they promise the same for the generation to come – and although he may sometimes use different words, Gordon Brown will stand with them.

But on both sides of the Atlantic, opposition grows to the escalation of the Iraq war. The Stop the War Coalition in London reports a surge of its own – in support of the demonstration called for 24 February. Join it and let’s sweep these warmongers away.

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