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Bush orders more carnage

This article is over 15 years, 5 months old
As he sends more troops to Iraq, we need a surge for peace
Issue 2033

Tens of thousands more US soldiers are set to land in Iraq. George Bush promises a “surge” in troops to secure a “final victory”.

But their presence will simply make worse the bloodbath that is occupied Iraq.

Bush and his coterie of neoconservatives want one final push to secure Baghdad and other areas. They have forced out administration members and military chiefs who do not agree with this last, desperate gamble.

An estimated 650,000 Iraqis, the vast majority civilians, lie dead under US occupation. Many more will perish as Bush escalates his war.

The good news is polls show just 36 percent of Americans agree with his plan, while US politicians and the military are deeply divided over whether to back Bush.

On 27 January there will be a massive demonstration against the war in Washington. On 24 February the anti-war movement in Britain needs to flood the streets of London and Glasgow in a mighty surge for peace.

Demonstrate 24 February Central London

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