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Call to defend Walden Bello

This article is over 17 years, 6 months old
Statement of Concern in the WSF 2005, on the threat of violence in the resolution of political differences.
Issue 1937

The last few years have seen a very large number of diverse groups and organisations coming together in spite of their differences to confront neo-liberal globalisation. However, we are deeply concerned that there are still some groups in the world today that attempt to deal with political differences using physical attacks and death threats. A recent example of this is the situation which has emerged in the Philippines where a number of individual intellectuals, activists (Walden Bello and Lidy Nacpil) and organisations engaged in various forms of struggle against militarism and globalised capitalism have been listed by the international department of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as ‘counter-revolutionary’ and as ‘agents of imperialism’. Some individuals named on this list have already been assassinated and, based on past experiences, this list constitutes a credible threat of assassination.

Therefore, those of us gathered here in the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil and others in the world, inspired by the pluralism and inclusiveness of this global process, believe that when the security of activists is at stake we cannot act as if the problem is a local one. In our efforts to consistently build an international movement for fundamental transformation we strongly reiterate that the resolving of political differences must be done through the struggle of ideas and democratic dialogue and not through the politics of individual assassination.

We call on everyone within the global justice movements to re-assert this principle and express solidarity with all those who are victims of such threats.

Alex Callinicos, York University, UK
Ali Fayyad, Centre for Research and Documentation, Lebanon
Allianca Social Continentale (ASC)
Alvaro Porticas, Socialist Party, Uruguay
Amit Sengupta and Prabir Purkayastha, Delhi Science Forum, India
Anibal Quijano, sociologist, Peru
Anna Maria R. Nemenzo, Freedom from Debt Coalition, Philippines
Anna Marize, ICARIA, Spain
Annick Coupe, Solidaire, France
Antonio Martin, ATTAC, Brazil
Bertil Kinkunnen, Social Democratic Party of Sweden
Brid Brennan, TNI, Netherlands
Campagna Continentale contra a ALCA
Chico Whittaker, Brazil
Chris Nineham, Stop the War Coalition, UK
Christophe Aguiton, European March against Unemployment
CUT, Brazil
Dot Keet, AIDC, South Africa
Ernst Van Weizaker, MP, Germany
Franc Branco & Ole von Ulexhill, Right Livelihood Award Foundation
Francois Houtart, CETRI, Belgium
Hillary Wainwright, Red Pepper, UK
Jan Nederven Pieterse, University of Illinois, USA
Joao Pedro Stedile, Movimiento Sem Terra, Brazil
Jean Luc Rous, Political Director, Greenpeace International
Jean Pierre Dubois, Federation internationale des droits des hommes (FIDH)
Jeremy Corbyn, MP, UK
John Cavanagh, Institute of Policy Studies, USA
Jose Correa, Brazil
Josu Egireun, ESK, Basque Country
Kamal Chenoy, Jawarhalal Nehru University, India
Laura Gonzalez de Txabarri, ELA, Basque Country
Leo Panitch, Socialist Register, UK
Lim Soei Liong, TAPOL, Indonesia Human Rights Campaign
Louis Weber, Federation Synicale Unitaire, France
Luciano Muhlbauer, SinCobas, Italy
Marcha Mundial des Mulheres
Marco Berlinguer, Transform! and Parti Rifondazione Communista, Italy
Marcus Arruda, Global Workshop on Solidarity Socioeconomy, Brazil
Mark Rand, USA
Maud Barlow, Council of Canadians
Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange, USA
Moema Miranda, IBASE
Mubarak Awad, Non Violence International, Palestine/US
Naomi Klein, Canada
Niclas Hallstrom, Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, Sweden
Njoki Njoroge Njehu, 50 years is enough, USA
Patrice Barrat, Bridge Initiative, France
Peiro Bernotti, COBAS, Italy
Petros Constantine, Campaign Genoa 2000
Peter Rosset, CECCAM, Mexico
Pierre Galand, senator, Belgium
Pierre Khalfa, ATTAC, France
Pouria Amirshahi, 4D, France
Rabia Abdel Karim, Senegal/Algeria
Robin Broad, American University, USA
Rogate Mishane, Tanzania
Roger Burbach, CENSA, USA
Salim Vally, Anti-war Coalition, South Africa
Sandeep Pandey, India
Sophie Zafari, Federation Syndicale Unitaire, France
Soren Ambrose, 50 years is enough, USA
Susan George, ATTAC, France
Tariq Ali, UK
Tewoo Tangela, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, SA
Tobias Plüger, Member of the European Parliament, Germany
Information Office on Militarisation
Toufik Ben Abdullah, ENDA, Senegal
Vinod Raina, Jubilee South
Vittorio Agnoletto, Deputy European Parliament

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