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Cameron wants ‘decades of pain’: Make the rich feel the pain

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Prime minister David Cameron says there will be "decades of pain" as the Tories unleash savage spending cuts.
Issue 2205
Cameron wants 'decades of pain': Make the rich feel the pain

Prime minister David Cameron says there will be “decades of pain” as the Tories unleash savage spending cuts.

But Cameron doesn’t expect his own class to pay.

He’s targeting the vital services that ordinary people rely on every day.

Tory toff Cameron says, “How we deal with these things will affect our economy, our society—indeed our whole way of life.”

But the Tories aren’t changing their luxury lifestyles. They’re gunning for the jobs and pay of workers.

The Con-Dem coalition ­government has eyed up public sector jobs that employ hundreds of thousands of ­people and provide services to millions more—and decided they can do without them.

We need to shatter the myth that we have to accept cuts.

Instead of bending the knee to the bankers, we need a fightback—and cuts in the areas that only help the rich:

•Collect the £123 billion of taxation avoided and evaded by the rich and multinationals every year

•Restore corporation tax and income tax levels for the rich parasites to the levels of the 1980s and bring in at least an extra £35 billion

•Get the troops out of Afghanistan, end the war, and save £6 billion a year

•Don’t replace Trident ­nuclear missiles and save up to £97 ­billion over the next 20 years.

And why not get rid of all nuclear weapons, saving hundreds of billions more in the future?

We are not, as the Tories pretend, “all in it together”.

The Tories and their class want us to pay.

We need to organise, protest and strike on budget day, Tuesday 22 June.

The ruling class can sense the danger ahead.

Right wing historian Simon Schama wrote recently, “Far be it for me to make a dicey situation dicier, but you can’t smell the sulphur in the air right now and not think we might be on the threshold of an age of rage.”

Let’s give it to them!


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