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Campaign halts hospital cuts in Lewisham

This article is over 8 years, 5 months old
Health secretary Jeremy Hunt was humiliated last week after a judge quashed his plans to slash services at Lewisham Hospital following a mass campaign, reports Sadie Robinson
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Part of the crowd celebrating outside Lewisham Hospital last week
Part of the crowd celebrating outside Lewisham Hospital last week (Pic: Socialist Worker)

An elated crowd rallied outside Lewisham Hospital in south east London on Wednesday of last week to celebrate a court victory against the Tories.

Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt planned to cut services at the hospital including maternity and A&E. But Mr Justice Silber quashed the decision.

Michael, a waste manager in Lewisham, brought a refuse truck decorated with Save Lewisham Hospital banners to the celebration. “I’m ecstatic,” he told Socialist Worker. “My son was born in this hospital and I’ve used the A&E. 

“It just goes to show that if you stick together, you can change things.”

There was a constant stream of hooting from passing cars, buses and ambulances. Many of those at the rally could barely contain their emotion at the news that their campaigning had won.

“I feel privileged to be part of this,” said Yvonne from the Lewisham Pensioners’ Forum. “I hope it will set a precedent and give other people confidence to fight cuts.”

Nurses, porters and health workers came out on their breaks to join the rally. 

One senior nurse said, “We were on the ward when the doctor came round and told us the news. Everybody cheered. We couldn’t believe we’d won.”


Osbourne, an admin worker in the medical records department, added, “There was quite a celebration in the hospital today. Everybody’s talking about it. We didn’t think it would happen—everyone’s so happy.”

The government had appointed a trust special administrator (TSA) to look into South London Healthcare Trust under a new procedure called The Unsustainable Providers Regime.

The trust had debts relating to private finance initiatives (see below).

Lewisham Hospital isn’t part of South London Healthcare Trust. But the TSA recommended cuts to it anyway.

Judge Silber ruled that the TSA and health secretary were only entitled to make recommendations and decisions based on the review of South London Healthcare Trust relating to hospitals within that trust.

He also said the lack of support for the cuts among local GP commissioners was “an additional reason why the decision of the Secretary of State cannot stand”.

The government can appeal the decision and the fight to defend the NHS is far from over. But Lewisham shows that it’s worth fighting—and that we can win.

PFI cuts are ‘not fair’

Hospitals across south London remain at risk of savage cuts.

The South London Healthcare Trust reported a deficit of £65 million in the year to March 2012. It is in debt to private firms that built hospital buildings under PFI schemes.

Kathleen Gooch was part of the campaign to defend Lewisham Hospital—and says other hospitals shouldn’t face cuts. “I feel sorry for the other hospitals,” she told Socialist Worker.

“It stood out a mile that cuts at Lewisham Hospital were unjust because it wasn’t in debt.

“But it’s PFI that’s the problem—and it’s not fair that any hospital should suffer because of it.”

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