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Charity workers jailed by cops

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Issue 1678

Charity workers jailed by cops

TWO CHARITY workers from Cambridge were jailed in December after being accused of allowing drugs to be sold in the homeless shelter they help run. A judge sentenced Ruth Wyner to five years and John Brock to four years. In fact, Ruth and John had a strict anti-drugs policy and had banned around 200 users of the shelter in the last three months.

They were simply following the instructions of Tony Blair and his “homelessness tsar” Louise Carey to get the homeless off the street and into the Winter Comfort hostel. But this was not enough for Cambridge’s police, who wanted workers at the shelter to report drugs use to them. The police arrested Ruth and John after two officers posed as homeless people in order to use the shelter.

Over 75 fellow workers and other supporters of the “Winter Comfort Two” held an angry protest outside the police station. The judge even had Ruth Wyner’s son Joel arrested after he called out, “You scum!” when the sentence was passed.

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