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Chris Kaba’s parents speak out—‘Police, meant to protect us, make things worse’

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Campaigners expressed rage and grief at the killing of Chris Kaba, at an event on the weekend
Issue 2827
Chris Kaba smiling

Chris Kaba

The parents of Chris Kaba—fatally shot by police last month—spoke at an event in London last Saturday.

Chris’s mother, Helen Lumuanganu said, “After Chris had dinner, he told me that he would see his friends, and he never came back. I wonder if my son weren’t black, this wouldn’t have happened to him.

“Every time I see the police outside, I’m scared to be in front of them because of what they did to Chris. I want them to answer me about what they have done to Chris. My heart is broken every day.”

Prosper Kaba, Chris Kaba’s dad said “I will carry Chris’s death with me for my whole life. People we think are meant to protect us make our communities worse.”

Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Labour MP for the constituency where Chris was killed said, “When details first came out, the first thing that I read was that Chris was a ‘drill artist’, he was a ‘rapper,’ he was a ‘criminal’. Yet all these things, even if they were true, don’t justify the way that he was shot and killed.”

Temi Mwale, from the 4Front Project said, “The collective grief and trauma we experience as a community suffering knowing how disposable black lives are in this country that energy has to go somewhere.

“We’re allowed to have rage, and our rage is often policed, but we’re allowed to be angry, and we’re allowed to be sad and feel the full spectrum of our emotions.”

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