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Cops still spy on left

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Issue 2778
The police are targeting anti-racists
The police are targeting anti-racists (Pic: underclassrising/flickr)

A police unit in Wales tried to recruit a Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist as an informant—the latest evidence of institutional racism within the police.

Shutting down protests, infiltrating groups and planting informants to spy on their activity are well rehearsed police tactics.

Spy cops inquiry will not give their victims justice
Spy cops inquiry will not give their victims justice
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Lowri Davies, an organiser of the Swansea BLM group, says police used “distressing” techniques to manipulate her into giving them information. Two cops attempted to convince her to become an informant during phone calls and a car ride around Swansea.


Cops claimed her purpose would be to get information on the far right, but later showed interest in gathering information about left groups.

This is the first publicly shared evidence that police attempted to infiltrate the BLM movement.

But the police have a long history of spying on groups that threaten the state’s security. The current inquiry into undercover cops who spied on more than 1,000 political groups for more than four decades aims to be a whitewash. But it has confirmed some of what went on.

Cops spied on victims of racism and police brutality, including the family of murdered Stephen Lawrence. And undercover cops entered false relationships with women they were spying on.
This week’s examples show the police have not changed at all.

Their target is not racists but those who fight racism.

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