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Councils move to chase old debts after Scottish referendum

This article is over 9 years, 8 months old
Issue 2424

A third of councils in Scotland say they want to use the expanded voters’ register after the referendum to chase people for outstanding debts. Some are even set to pursue 25 year old poll tax debts.

Cosla, the Labour Party dominated umbrella group for Scottish local authorities, defended the move and justified using the “improved tool at our disposal”.

But many see it as a move to punish newly registered voters in last month’s independence referendum.

However, the Scottish government, run by the Scottish National Party (SNP), has announced it will introduce new legislation to abolish historic poll tax debts.

It’s an astute move for the party riding high on a wave of 50,000 new members since the vote. And it will help the SNP pose as an alternative to Labour.

With no sense of irony a Tory spokesperson in Scotland criticised the SNP’s call saying, “People who evade taxes are cheating the public purse, and deserve to be brought to account.”


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