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Crooked Cameron’s Class War

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Tory billionaires pay no taxes, but they want to smash welfare
Issue 2309
Let’s hunt down the Tory vermin! (Montage: Socialist Worker)

Millionaire toff David Cameron paraded his hatred of working class people this week with a wide-ranging assault on benefits.

Cameron’s ideas include taking housing benefit away from under-25s, throwing people out of council homes and forcing more single parents into work.

Alongside this went a disgusting view of ordinary people and how we should live.

If you’re poor and have children, Cameron thinks you’re “irresponsible”—and you could lose your benefits.

If you’re out of work and can’t read, it’s your fault you can’t get a job—and you could lose your benefits. If you’re ill, it’s just because you aren’t looking after yourself—and you could lose your benefits.

The barrage of attacks is designed to cause panic and to shift the debate about welfare to the right.


Cameron whined about people on benefits having a “sense of entitlement”. What a hypocrite. Cameron, a posh boy from Eton, was born into a millionaire family and then married into another one.

His crony cabinet is stuffed with millionaires who have never had to worry about paying their bills or affording a decent place to live. It’s this rich rabble who have a real “sense of entitlement”.

Ordinary people are entitled to benefits. It’s right that we have a welfare state and it’s right to defy Cameron’s attempt to take it away. It wasn’t people claiming benefits who caused the economic crisis—it was the Tories’ banker pals.

The Tories say benefits are “unaffordable”. It’s rubbish. Their rich mates siphon off £120 billion in tax scams every year. For all his rhetoric, Cameron is doing nothing to stop this.

There’s plenty of money to give everyone a decent standard of living. But the rich want to keep all the cash for themselves.

Cameron’s fantasy list of attacks shows what he would love to do if the Tories win the next election. It revealed the truth about their cuts.

They aren’t really about cutting the budget deficit. Instead they aim to bring about a permanent restructuring of the welfare state. Cameron has declared war on all of us. Now is the time to fight back.

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