By Angela McCormick
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David Cameron: wrong on Trident missiles and on Scottish independence

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Issue 2348

David Cameron visited Scotland last week. 

He made the case for the replacement of the Trident nuclear missiles system and for a no vote in next year’s independence referendum. 

Cameron tried to use the raised tension around North Korea to argue that Britain needs nuclear weapons and that Scotland needed to remain in Britain. 

He is wrong on both counts. 

Cameron claimed that North Korean missiles could reach Britain. The claims were rubbished almost immediately. North Korea’s missiles have a range of 3,700 miles. They would get nowhere near Britain.

In any case, Trident doesn’t protect against nuclear weapons. 

The replacement of Trident only adds to the logic of nuclear proliferation. 

By retaining nuclear weapons, Britain adds to the pressure on other countries to do the same. 

This makes the world a more dangerous place. 

The Tories claim their attacks on working class people are aimed at saving money. 

Yet their commitment to nuclear weapons shows that their attacks are in fact ideological and political. 

If the money is there for Trident, clearly the money is there to fund jobs, services and benefits. 

Cameron argued that we needed Trident to save jobs in Scotland. This is utter hypocrisy. His savage cuts are already creating mass unemployment. 

And reinvesting the Trident billions elsewhere has the potential to create thousands of jobs.

The money could fund the building of 80,000 new homes, for example, and create 60,000 jobs in construction. 

There would be money to invest in the technologies associated with renewable energy. Unemployed workers could use their skills to develop green jobs.

Every time Cameron comes to Scotland to campaign for a no vote he ends up showing why socialists should vote yes. 

A vote for independence is a vote against an imperialist Britain that is willing to sacrifice everything for the status that nuclear weapons bring.

Scrap Trident—a weekend of protest and action:
  • Protest in Glasgow, Saturday 13 April, assemble George Square, 10.15am
  • lTraining and workshops, Sunday 14 April
  • Blockade to shut down 

Faslane, Monday 15 April

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