By Ken Olende
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Desperate Cameron targets Muslims

This article is over 10 years, 11 months old
Issue 2356

David Cameron sank into the gutter this week telling parliament that he was going to deal with “violent extremists” and “drain the swamp which they inhabit”. He chose the period after Woolwich to use language that would give confidence to racists everywhere.

Cameron was reporting on his new task force to monitor Muslims on campuses and in mosques. He said it would go, “through all of the elements of the conveyor belt to radicalisation, making sure we deal with them.”

But the government knows this is nonsense. An internal report leaked in 2010 said, radicalisation is not “a linear conveyor belt”, adding “This thesis seems to both misread the radicalisation process and to give undue weight to ideological factors.”

Cameron’s plan isn’t about fighting terrorism, but cranking up Islamophobia in Britain.

Former prime minister Tony Blair, whose lies took Britain to war in Iraq, jumped in when he wrote in the Mail last Sunday. 

According to Blair, “There is a problem within Islam”. He demands that we accept that Islam is a more violent religion that Christianity or Judaism.

This, from one of the people most responsible for the West being hated in the Muslim world. 

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