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Details of the Comprehensive Spending Review: Fight these vicious Tory cuts

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Issue 2224

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The Tories’ spending review will butcher the welfare state and slash services and jobs.

Behind the cold figures from arrogant muliti-millionaire George Osborne is an ideological choice to smash public services and make workers pay for a crisis created by the bosses and bankers.

Local government

The Tories are slashing a third of council spending by 2015. That means a third of council jobs to go, a third of crucial council services axed.


The increase in the state pension age will be rushed forward four years to 2018 for men and 2020 for women.

The Tories want £1.8 billion savings a year from public sector pensions. That will mean an average increase in contributions of £450 extra per year, on top of a pay freeze of up to three years. That means a big pay cut for millions.


Money for social housing projects is being slashed by 60 percent.

New council tenants will be forced to pay “market rents” and will not have secure tenancies on their home.

The average rent for a three-bedroom social home is £85 a week—that could triple to £250 a week. Housing benefit won’t go up to cover it.

Any single person under 35 will be forced to share accommodation or lose benefits.


Some £7 billion a year will be taken from the poorest people in society.

Disability benefits are under attack. The time you can claim sick pay will be halved. Tax Credits will be slashed. There will be a 10 percent cut in money that families rely on to help with childcare costs.


The government claims it is protecting the NHS but in reality it is cutting health spending by over £20 billion.


The Tories like to talk about cutting “waste” and “inefficiency” but that means thousands more job losses on top of the half a million the government already admit will go in the public sector.


There is a 60 percent cut in capital spending in education. Up to 40,000 school teachers’ jobs in England will go.

Osborne has abolished the Education Maintenance Allowance for 16-19 year‑olds. As well as pricing working class students out of education with enormous fees, the Tories have cut the universities’ budget by 40 percent.

The banks who took £1.4 trillion pounds will be left with almost all their loot—and there’s endless cash for the war in Afghanistan. Osborne’s spending review is a deliberate attempt to shift wealth from the poor to the rich.

Follow France! Resist!

The Tories’ cuts are a declaration of war on the working class. Let’s follow French workers and students—and start the fightback.

  • Make the demonstrations against the cuts on Saturday as big and as angry as possible.
    The larger they are, the greater workers’ confidence will be to resist
  • Fight for every job and service under attack. Wherever there’s a job cut, move quickly to call a union mass meeting and launch resistance.
  • Argue for unity and solidarity. The Tories try to divide and rule by blaming immigrants and people on benefits—but they didn’t cause the crisis.
  • Ensure maximum support for any workers who strike. For example, firefighters and tube workers in London have called strikes. Take collections, visit their picket lines.
  • Push trade union leaders into calling national strikes. The TUC says it is for coordinated action—but the pace of its opposition is too slow to meet the challenge.
    We need to force the union leaders to turn their words into action by calling for coordinated strikes and a general strike to stop the Tories.
  • Build local anti-cuts groups and the Right to Work campaign. Every area needs to call anti-cuts meetings, protests, lobbies and marches—and Right to Work can help coordinate a national network of resistance.
    Go to

Join the protests on Saturday 23 October

  • London: Assemble 11am, RMT head office 39 Chalton Street, NW1 1JD and march to TUC, Congress House for a rally.
  • Scotland: STUC protest, Edinburgh, assemble East Market Street 11am.
  • Yorkshire & Humber: Sheffield Town Hall, 12.30pm. Right to Work feeder march—11am Sheffield Uni student union concourse

    For full list of protests see List of protests over cuts this Saturday

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    Send reports/pictures of your protests to [email protected]

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