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Disability campaigners celebrate Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation

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Issue 2496
Disabled People Against Cuts (Dpac) celebrate Iain Duncan Smiths resignation
Disabled People Against Cuts (Dpac) celebrate Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation (Pic: Nathan Pettifar)

Poor and disabled people who spent years on the receiving end of Iain Duncan Smith’s attacks celebrated his departure.

They poured scorn on his claims to be acting for social justice.

Ellen Clifford is a leading Disabled People Against Cuts (Dpac) activist.

She told Socialist Worker, “The resignation letter of this vile individual that feigns a sudden pang of conscience is as hollow as the man’s heart.

“It has however done serious damage to the Tory party.

“Duncan Smith described the budget as showing that we aren’t ‘all in it together’ in an interview with Andrew Marr.

“He presented himself as a champion of the low-paid. It was surreal.”

Paul, who claims Employment Support Allowance due to long term ill health, went with Socialist Worker to Duncan Smith’s mansion in 2013.

This week he said, “I don’t think this is about his conscience. I don’t think he has a conscience.

“The man has no morals at all.”

Paul visits Iain Duncan Smiths mansion in 2013

Paul visits Iain Duncan Smith’s mansion in 2013 (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Duncan Smith wasn’t in when Paul went to call at his stately home. But Paul did catch up with him earlier this year when he went to visit Peckham job centre in south London.

“That was me you could see shouting at him on the news—I got a photo of him hiding behind the Daily Mail.

“We were protesting about benefit sanctions. Peckham has the highest rate of benefit sanctions in the country, so we were incensed that he would go there as if to congratulate them.”

Sanctions cut off out of work benefit claimants’ only source of income, leaving them destitute. Duncan Smith expanded their use dramatically.

Paul said, “It disgusted me when Duncan Smith claimed that people thank him for sanctioning them—in other words for punishing them.

“It takes a perverse ideology to think like that.”

Around 30 activists from Dpac—whose protests have been a constant thorn in his side—popped champagne in Parliament Square last Saturday.

It followed a protest that disrupted George Osborne’s photo op the previous day.

Dpac was set to hold its first protest targeting Duncan Smith’s successor Stephen Crabb outside prime minister’s questions on Wednesday.

Ellen said, “With Duncan Smith gone Jeremy Hunt, Nicky Morgan, Osborne and even David Cameron are looking vulnerable.

“We got IDS, now we’ll get the rest.”

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