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Don’t bail out warring Tories – go on the offensive against them

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With deep divisions in the Tory party over Europe, the left must go on the offensive against Cameron’s weakened government instead of arguing for Remain, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans
Issue 2506
Labours Tessa Jowell was also out campaigning with toxic Tory, David Cameron, recently

Labour’s Tessa Jowell has also been out recently campaigning with toxic Tory, David Cameron (Pic: Number 10)

Tory MPs are gunning for David Cameron—and ready to depose the prime minister after the European Union (EU) referendum.

Mounting divisions within the Tory party have seen two right wing MPs demand his resignation and a general election in the autumn.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries said Cameron was “toast” if people backed leaving the EU. She has called for a vote of no confidence in Cameron.

Another, Andrew Bridgen, said Cameron was “finished” as prime minister—no matter what the referendum result is—as he is “at odds with half of the Parliamentary Party”.

One Tory minister predicted “a bloodbath” when the referendum is over and said that Tory politicians either had to “kill or be killed”.

This is the left’s chance to topple the Tories and push back against their austerity and racism.


Bigots such as Dorries and Bridgen are heading up the coup attempts and Dorries wants to install former London mayor Boris Johnson.

But Cameron is not some “moderate” Tory embattled by right wingers.

He has pushed through brutal cuts and a racist clampdown on Muslims, blocked the refugees in Calais and taken Britain into an imperialist war in Syria.

It’s a huge mistake for Labour Party figures to campaign with him. This repeats the toxic strategy of the Scottish independence referendum—which Labour has not recovered from.

That’s why it was wrong for Sadiq Khan, London’s new Labour mayor, to campaign with Cameron for Remain.

Cameron had smeared Khan in an Islamophobic election campaign just weeks before. Yet they both joined forces in the “national interest”—they mean the bosses’ interests.

Having promised to be the most pro-business mayor of London ever, Khan is siding with the City of London who want to remain in the EU bosses’ club.

But it’s not just the Labour right playing a dangerous game. While not working with the Tory leadership, the Labour left’s support for the EU is Cameron’s only hope of survival.

He hopes that Jeremy Corbyn, who until recently opposed the EU, can help Remain win.

The Tories are in open civil war. The left should go on the attack so it can shift politics leftwards after the referendum. That means building resistance and voting Leave.




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Why vote Leave in the European Union referendum?

“Freedom of movement” myth

If you are a refugee trying to cross the Mediterranean or trapped in Calais, you have no “freedom of movement”.

The EU is built on excluding people from outside of Europe—with patrol boats and razorwire fences if neccessary. Britain’s rulers rely on EU border controls to keep Calais in lockdown.

Leaving would blow a hole in Fortress Europe—and weaken the EU rulers responsible for the deaths of refugees.

Austerity for the masses

The EU’s brutal imposition of austerity on Greece shows its true nature—a bosses’ club that protects our rulers’ interests.

It didn’t just impose austerity, but full-blown free market shock therapy of privatisations and a bonfire of workers’ rights.

Leaving the EU would weaken the EU’s rulers who are imposing austerity on the working class across Europe—and it would also weaken the Tory government in Britain.

More money for the bosses

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade deal would prise open public services to multinationals.

The aim is to create a single trading block that can compete with the US and EU’s rising competitor China. TTIP will block renationalisation and allow big firms to sue governments.

It’s not enough to talk of pressuring the EU to moderate TTIP—a left exit can save public services.

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