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Don’t pay, don’t move—clog up their system

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Issue 2349

Residents’ protests are demanding that their landlords—whether housing associations or local authorities—stand with them against the bedroom tax (see

Tenants are holding meetings on more and more estates. Saturday is set to see thousands on the streets for a third national day of demonstrations. The tax will leave many people unable to pay their rent. They should refuse to pay—and refuse to move.

Anyone affected can appeal. And anyone appealing has the right to first demand an explanation of how their landlord decided they had too many bedrooms.

If all of the 12,000 people affected in Liverpool did this, it would cost the council £18 million to fight every case, according to Merseyside’s Community Advice Service Association.

It has set up a template letter to demand information, available at and Glasgow’s Govan Law Centre has a template for making an appeal at

Landlords are counting on most people leaving their homes voluntarily. If enough of the 660,000 affected households do this it can clog up the system and force them into opposing the tax.

Send a delegation from your local campaign to the national Benefit Justice Summit. Register at

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