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Don’t stop protest against the G7 gathering

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Issue 2756
World leaders will mobilise at Carbis Bay Hotel in Cornwall from 11 to 13 June.
World leaders will mobilise at Carbis Bay Hotel in Cornwall from 11 to 13 June. (Pic: John Stratford/Flickr)

The leaders of some of the most powerful states in the world will gather in June in Carbis Bay, Cornwall for the G7 summit.

And they are so fearful of the response from protesters that a 60-mile exclusion zone has been created around the summit to prevent demonstrations.

Every attempt is being made to ensure protesters don’t get anywhere near where the summit is being held.

Tony Staunton, an activist in the Resist G7 Coalition, told Socialist Worker, “The police and the Tories are using restrictions to crush mobilisations.

“The police have identified some legal protesting zones for us.

“Any protests organised without agreement with the police will be deemed illegal,” he said.

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“We’ve been offered half a car park in Falmouth and a playing field in Exeter. Plymouth Hoe—60 miles away from Carbis Bay—has also been identified as a place where we are legally allowed to protest.

“The kind of repression that the Tories want to impose with the police and crime bill is happening right now in the south west.

“The Resist G7 coalition has decided to boycott all of these protest sites.”

There will be real protests and an alternative conference instead.

The G7 is a collection of major, mostly Western, states including Germany, France, Britain and the US.

In addition to these countries, Boris Johnson has invited the heads of state of Australia, South Korea and India. These additions were first recommended by former US president, Donald Trump.

From 11 to 13 June world leaders will gather in a luxury hotel to discuss the climate crisis, coronavirus and “global democracy”.

But these won’t be the only subjects discussed at the summit. The restoration of alliances will be vital for those attending, especially for US president Joe Biden. Biden along with Johnson will likely look for support in their drive against China and Russia.

Britain’s foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, said there is an “increasing demand and need for an agile cluster of countries that share the same values and want to protect the multilateral system.”


Ahead of the Cop26 climate conference in November, the summit will provide an important meeting point for countries present to decide on their agenda.

Any resolutions made at either summit are, of course, likely to fall short of what is needed to address the climate crisis.

The drive to war, the support for Israel against the Palestinians and inaction on the climate crisis are all reasons to protest against the G7.

Tony said, “Protests are an opportunity to show our opposition to climate inaction, imperialism and war.

“Johnson has agreed to a 40 percent increase in nuclear missiles. The threat of war and the use of nuclear weapons is very real.”

The clampdown is also hitting local residents. They will be subjected to three weeks of security checks, increased police presence and infrequent public transport

In restricted areas in Falmouth and St Ives residents and workers will be required to show two forms of identification and a utility or tax bill that links them to a local address.

A cruise ship, moored in Falmouth bay is being used to house hundreds of cops deployed to the area.

Mobilisations against the G7 have the power to bring together those from different movements.

These demonstrations will also be important in the fight against the continuing assault by the Tories on the right to protest.

Socialists should join and support the mobilisations against the G7 Summit.

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