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Drive out the Tory scum

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Strike together to bring them down
Issue 2244

The Tories want to turn the clock back for working class people in Britain. They want to get rid of things that generations fought to win—pensions, the NHS, rights at work—forever.

Chancellor George Osborne’s budget this week was their latest hammer blow to ordinary people.

They say they have to cut because “there’s no money”. Do they think we can’t see the bankers and their multi-million pound bonuses?

That we don’t notice the record profits of the big energy companies, or the billions spent on bloody wars and occupations?

The Tories want to divide us. They want private sector workers to hate those with “gold-plated” public sector pensions.

They tell lies about “bureaucracy” to justify cuts. In reality they are coming for us all.

That means we have to fight together. We need united action.

We need coordinated strikes—and a general strike.

The Tories tell lies about workers because they are scared. They know that the working class can bring down governments.

They know that mass resistance to the poll tax helped topple Tory leader Margaret Thatcher.

Let’s use the momentum of the TUC protest to turn their nightmare into reality—and smash this government of millionaire scum.

TUC national demonstration: assemble 11am, Victoria Embankment, London, this Saturday 26 March

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