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Eurovision was a pinkwash

Israel and Eurovision organisers had a hard time concealing the anger towards the terror state
Issue 2905

The Eurovision stage (Picture: Sims2aholic8)

This year’s Eurovision song contest was drowned out by the calls to boycott Israel.  The effects of this boycott were felt, with the BBC losing a quarter of its viewership during the finale. 

Even the attendants and performers who ignored the call to boycott could not stomach the presence of the Israeli delegation at the contest. 

Disruption was present from the start. Belgian unions halted the broadcast of the Israeli delegation’s performance in solidarity with Palestine. 

Eden Golan, Israel’s entry, had hoped to trivialise her attendance by claiming that art is above politics. 

This was far from possible after she autographed missiles being fired over Gaza before the contest and boasted that she was looking forward to joining the IDF on her return.

Queers for Palestine called for a boycott of the event and for both the BBC and the British contestants to withdraw. 

This was backed by an open letter signed by 450 LGBT+ artists.

As the contest aired, a demonstration outside the BBC in Manchester specifically rejected the pinkwashing of genocide by using Eurovision.

Sky Harrison and Laura Verdasco

Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism

This weekend Zionists in Britain, the Tories and the right will once again attempt to smear the movement for Palestine as anti-semitic.

It’s a lie to distract from the genocide in Gaza and to slur the marchers. It may be used as a reason to clamp down on protests.

Antisemitism is a poison that has to be confronted—and it comes mainly from the far right and its hangers-on. 

But the Palestine movement is not antisemitic—and the pro-Israel groups do not speak for all Jews.

Many Jews have joined the demos because they too are horrified by the actions of the Zionist state.

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