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Exclusive: ambulance bosses’ desperate bid to use doctors to break tomorrow’s strike

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Issue 2424

Health bosses are cooking up a frantic plan to use doctors, nurses and other medics to run ambulances during tomorrow’s NHS strike, Socialist Worker can reveal.

A document leaked exclusively to Socialist Worker (see picture below) shows that top managers are trawling GP surgeries and hospital walk-in centres looking for anyone prepared to cross picket lines.

They want any doctors, nurses and paramedics ready to undermine their ambulance colleagues to work alongside non-medically trained soldiers to answer calls.

Around half a million health workers in England are set to strike for four hours from 7am on Monday. This follows the government’s refused the paltry 1 percent rise recommended by their pay review body.

Ambulance services are expected to be reduced to chaos as strikers will not respond to calls other than life-threatening emergencies.

But top managers from NHS England are desperate to show they can run a service during the strike.

Any strike-breakers are asked to come to a secret central London location for training today. They would then be deployed from 6am on Monday, one hour before the strike is due to start.

Ambulance managers in London and the north west of England have already arranged for the military, the police and a swathe of private contractors to join their bid to undermine the health unions.

Ambulance and urgent care workers in London told Socialist Worker that the plan smacked of desperation and was unlikely to get many takers.

Nevertheless, all trade unionists must see the bosses’ plot for what it is—a bid to undermine the strike.

That’s why everyone should join the picket lines at hospitals all over England tomorrow morning.

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