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Exposed: Nick Griffin filmed defending right to “maim, hurt or blow people up”

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Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party (BNP), has been filmed defending racist violence.
Issue 2196

Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party (BNP), has been filmed defending racist violence.

In the video Griffin defends the right of white nationalists to “maim, hurt or blow people up” if they have “no other way of expressing a legitimate grievance”.

He also talks about how the BNP has adopted key fascist principles from Hitler and 1930s British fascist leader Oswald Mosley.

Journalist Dominic Carman spent years researching and interviewing Nick Griffin and other thugs in the BNP for a biography of the Nazi leader.

He released his footage and information at a press briefing organised by anti-fascist media workers’ campaign group Expose the BNP on Wednesday evening, at the offices of the National Union of Journalists.

Griffin states clearly to Carman that white Britons “have a right to take up arms, arguably in fact, a duty to take up arms, despite the cost” if they are unable to express themselves and protect their identity “particularly at a cultural level”.

He goes on to say that “white people will be an oppressed minority” which he claims will occur within “our children’s lifetime”.

The notion of purity of race and nation was at the heart of Hitler’s fascist agenda in Germany and is what Griffin wants to achieve in Britain.

The material Carman has released blows apart Griffin’s claims that the BNP is not a Nazi party.

Carman describes his interviews with Griffin and BNP members as a “journey into a murky world”.

Carman also interviewed BNP founder John Tyndall and said it was “the worst hour of my life”.

Tyndall insisted that he would only talk to Carman if he convinced him that he wasn’t Jewish.

Extermination of Jews

In 1998 Griffin was found guilty of holocaust denial for comments in the BNP publication The Rune. Griffin was the editor at the time.

Griffin tells Carman, “I know the law pretty well, I’ve broken the race act a number of times… it doesn’t bother me.’

And he says, “The irony is that I wouldn’t have become the BNP leader without that conviction”, going on to say that it won him the trust of the membership.

Griffin tells Carman that Hitler didn’t go far enough, saying, “In 1938…if Hitler hadn’t been so daft they’d have exterminated the German Jews”—in other words getting the biggest mass murder in world history out of the way before going to war.

Carman questioned Griffin on his hatred of the press. Griffin’s reply was that “the Jews have bought the West for their own political ends”.

The BNP’s fascist roots

Griffin also talked to Carman about the importance of creating a cult of leadership—which he confirmed is “the Fuhrer principle”.

He told Carman, “It gives strong, absolute, total control to the chairman…It’s a fascist ideal”.

Griffin then traced the BNP constitution and leadership principle back through the history of British fascism.

He told Carman that he had not changed the BNP’s approach to leadership, saying that it was put in place by the founder of the BNP, John Tyndall, who took it directly from the leader of the British Union of Fascists, Oswald Mosley.

Obliteration of Afghanistan

Griffin also tells Carman his views on Afghanistan. The BNP has made ending the war in Afghanistan one of its central election issues.

Griffin told Carman that it was a general rule of the BNP that British troops should not just be sent to interfere in a country.

But he goes on to say that countries, like Afghanistan and Colombia, who produced cocaine and opium were “committing an act of war against us [Britain]”, because the drugs are being brought to Britain.

He said to Carman that Britain had the right to “obliterate as many cities as it takes until the government learn to stop it”.

Carman referred to Griffin’s glee at the mainstream press’s continuous attacks on immigrants quoting Griffin as saying, “The best recruiting sergeants I have are the Sun, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express.”

Carman has had numerous death threats from the BNP because of his exposure of their violent nature.

He spoke to Socialist Worker about the important role that the media has in exposing the BNP and expressed hope that the press would cover the information he has produced as part of the ongoing campaign to convince the electorate not to vote BNP at the election.

The BNP is planning to field over 300 candidates in the general election on the 6 May—anti fascists must do everything possible to stop them.

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