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Eyewitness accounts uncover horror of Gaza convoy assault

This article is over 11 years, 7 months old
The testimonies of people on the flotilla have blown apart Israel’s lies about what happened.
Issue 2205

The testimonies of people on the flotilla have blown apart Israel’s lies about what happened.

Babu Adam Zanghar spoke at a rally outside the Israeli embassy last Saturday. He said, “We were attacked, some people were killed and others badly injured. Then the spin doctors applied their craft.

“The captain had a one year old son on board. The soldiers held a gun to the boy’s head, and said they would shoot him if the captain did not do as they said.

“I saw a man walk out onto the deck with his hands on his head—moments later he was shot dead by the IDF.

“We were handcuffed from 7am to 10pm.

“They have no respect for anybody. They took all of our personal belongings, electrical equipment and our documents. When our luggage was returned to us in Turkey it was empty.

“They made us sign documents saying we admitted to committing crimes. But what laws did we break? Israel broke international law by attacking us in international waters.

“We were taken to Israel against our will. They said they would hold us indefinitely if we didn’t sign.

“But we are not afraid and we will not be deterred.”

Theresa McDermott, an aid worker, spoke to Socialist Worker at the demonstration for Gaza in Edinburgh last Saturday.

She said, “We got a taste of how the Palestinians are treated on a daily basis. The Israelis treat them all as less than human.

“The Israeli soldiers boarded my ship [the Challenger 1] at 4am on Monday 31 May.

“I had a gun pointed at my head when I tried to help two other aid workers who were being beaten up.

“Stun guns were discharged at point blank range into the faces of women.

“A photographer was tasered by the IDF because she was recording their violence.

“The injured were forced to walk unaided through passport control, some carrying drips and drainage bags, with dirty dressings that obviously hadn’t been changed in days.”


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