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Fighting the Nazis

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Issue 1764

Fighting the Nazis


OVER 100 people came together in Pudsey town centre in Leeds last Saturday to oppose the Nazi NF’s attempt to build in the area. Just a few hardcore NF members gathered. But they made every attempt to intimidate people in the area.

Many passers-by felt the NF presence was a real danger. “Like everywhere, we may have our problems here in Pudsey. I hope locally people are not taken in by the NF and realise what they are trying to do. The NF are out to destroy society,” said Arthur Giles, a member of the Labour Party.

Tim Lodge, the chair of Bury St Edmonds Labour Party, also joined the Anti Nazi League demonstration. “I’m glad the Labour Party are here on the demonstration. I think it’s disgusting the NF are standing on the high street in Pudsey. The NF are a small group of thugs, but they feel they can access any area in the north and take over the streets.”

A Leeds regional TUC delegate said, “We have a job to do. We are committed to reaching out to people who may look towards the Nazis.” The anti-Nazi protesters also included a local Liberal democrat councillor, Javid Akhtar.

Labour councillor Josephine Jarosz said the NF mobilisation was, “A damp squib. I want Pudsey to be taken off the map as a beacon for NF activity.”

ANL SUPPORTERS held a successful stall in Barking town centre, in east London, last Saturday.

Barking has been subject to a vicious anti asylum seeker campaign by the local press, and the result has been a number of physical attacks on refugees. Many people were relieved to see resistance to the Nazis-15 people offered their support for the weekend of Anti-Nazi activity and 30 was collected.


OVER 200 people packed into a rally in Glasgow on Wednesday of last week organised by the Anti Nazi League (pictured above). The rally began with a minute’s silence for Kurdish asylum seeker Firsat Yildiz, the victim of a racist murder in Sighthill.

Aamer Anwar, from the Chhokar Family Justice Campaign, attacked Glasgow City Council and the New Labour government for their handling of asylum and racism. He also issued a call for a broad based campaign against racism and poverty. Charlie Riddell from Sighthill Residents Association applauded an asylum seeker when he said, “The residents of Sighthill are not to blame for the problems. “The council should take full responsibility for failing to put resources into Sighthill.”

Tommy Sheridan, Scottish Socialist Party MSP, also joined the attack on the government, the council and sections of the media. He echoed the call for a broad based campaign against racism and poverty and supported the role of the ANL in the fight against fascists. The atmosphere at the meeting was to mobilise as many people as possible to Oldham and Burnley for 1 September and to build a mass movement against the Nazis. CHRISTINE McGEACHIN, JOHN HARPER, PETER NICHOLLS

SOME 130 people attended a lively Anti Nazi League meeting in Edinburgh on Thursday of last week.

Kurdish asylum seeker Mohammed Asif spoke of the inhumane treatment he experienced on arrival in Britain and of the verbal abuse and indignities which refugees suffer.

After the meeting the ANL stall was buzzing with people joining and signing up for the ANL weekend of activity in Burnley. PAT SMITH

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