By Adam Cochrane
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Gaza resident speaks out as Israel attacks

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Issue 2411
Protesters outside the Israeli embassy last week
Protesters outside the Israeli embassy last week (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Israeli airstrikes killed nine people in Gaza on Monday of this week—and the bombardment is continuing. Fawzi al-Massri, a Gaza resident, told Socialist Worker, “I stayed awake listening to the attacks from Apache helicopters and gunboats and warplanes and drones.

“We are trapped in our homes and we dare not go into the markets or the streets.”

Fawzi said the people of Gaza were defiant in spite of the attacks. “All we have are rockets and you can’t even call them rockets really,” he said. “And yes, we fire them on Israel.

“If you took my life, my land, my home, what do you expect? If you killed my father or killed my children what do you expect?”

In the West Bank there have been clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli military following the murder of teenager Mohamed Abu Khdeir. His murder is suspected to have been a revenge attack following the discovery of the bodies of three Israeli settlers on Monday of last week.

Mohamed’s body was found on Wednesday of last week two hours after he had been kidnapped. The results of a postmortem suggest he was burned alive. Mohamed’s 15 year old cousin Tariq Abu Khdeir was arrested during a protest on Thursday of last week. 

Israeli forces beat him up and knocked him unconscious.

But as Tariq is a US citizen the attack gained international publicity—something that hardly ever happens when Palestinians are attacked. The US state department even demanded an investigation.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Mohamed’s family and condemned the murder. Israeli police arrested six people in connection with it. Three confessed on Monday of this week.

Netanyahu grabbed the chance to suggest that the investigation showed how much more civilised Israel is than Palestine. “They consider murderers to be heroes,” he said. “They name public squares after them. We don’t. We condemn them and we put them on trial and we’ll put them in prison.”

This is nonsense. The greatest murderers in Israel are not put in prison. They are more likely to become prime minister, like Ariel Sharon.

He was elected after an Israeli inquiry found him to bear responsibility for the Sabra and Shatilla massacre in 1982.

Israel’s hypocrisy is matched only by Western rulers—including those in Britain. They tell Palestinians to be “peaceful” while arming the Israeli state that oppresses them.

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