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German students release statement supporting British students

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Solidarity with British Students!
Issue 2232

Solidarity with British Students!

Statement by the SDS Die Linke Cologne – Socialist Democratic Students Association, Cologne, Germany

We welcome the development of a strong and powerful student’s movement in Britain.

The decision by the British government to increase the already very high student fees up to £9,000 is rightfully met by massive resistance of British students.

The increase of student fees is part of a European policy of increasing fees and cutting social standards. By doing this, European governments are trying to pass the expenses of multi-billion bank bail outs down to the masses. The British student’s movement has taken a firm stand against this policy of cuts: WE ARE NOT GOING TO PAY FOR THEIR CRISIS!

The movement is not about a few broken windows or about a royal couple shocked on their multi-million-pound Christmas-shopping-tour. The movement is about opposing the massive increase of fees and the cutting of wages, which destroys the hopes und perspectives of millions of people.

We welcome the British student’s movement, because their fight inspires us to resist cuts here in Germany. And we want to encourage the British students to continue their struggle determinedly. It would not be the first time that government decisions are taken back due to struggle from below. A broad movement can topple the increase of fees!

We also appreciate that the students are linking their struggle to other groups and classes in society, especially the working class. Because a movement, that tries to bear down the capitalist logic of cuts and competition urgently needs the support and participation of those, that create the wealth of society with their labour.


It is outrageous that British police brutally beat up school and university students, that are protesting with a good cause. With great worry we are following the trend across Europe to use massive police violence to crush democratic movements. Stop police brutality!

Together we are powerful!

We are not going to pay for their crisis!

Europe needs broad resistance against cuts!

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