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Gordon Brown is in freefall

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Don’t let him take us down with him
Issue 2108
Gordon Brown (Pic:» Jess Hurd/ )
Gordon Brown (Pic: » Jess Hurd/

Gordon Brown and New Labour are in freefall.

Last week they only just scraped into a humiliating fifth place in the Henley by-election. Now they fear losing Glasgow East – a hitherto rock solid Labour seat.

There is a simple reason for this meltdown. As the economic recession grows, all we hear from Brown’s government is that we must swallow wage cuts.

New Labour is hooked on the mantra that only the free market and more privatisation can provide a solution to the mounting crisis in housing, healthcare and other public services.

Meanwhile millions of people are dreading the prospect that their income will not be able to cover rising food, housing and energy costs.

Hundreds of thousands cannot get a mortgage, or cannot afford their mortgage and face losing their homes. They see no future for Brown. They do not trust New Labour’s pro-business policies.

And from bitter experience, they know they have absolutely nothing to look forward to from David Cameron’s Tories.

In this situation the worst thing working class people can do is cling to the wreckage of New Labour as it slips beneath the waves.

In two weeks’ time, three quarters of a million workers are set to strike for a living wage. This challenge to Brown’s key policy of wage restraint deserves the support of everyone opposed to war and neoliberalism.

And it needs to be broadened into a wider fight – one that can ensure working people can afford food on their table, a decent home, and first class healthcare and education.

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