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Gothenburg-what next?

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Issue 1755

Anti-capitalist protests

Gothenburg-what next?

EIGHTY PEOPLE attended a Globalise Resistance forum in central London on Saturday to hear eyewitness reports from the Gothenburg anti-capitalist protests. The shooting of three protesters in Gothenburg has sparked a debate about the next step for the anti-capitalist movement.

Speakers made it clear the police had decided to clamp down on the protests before they started, even though the European Union leaders had promised dialogue with the demonstrators.

It was only in the face of continued harassment and intimidation from the police that some protesters reacted by throwing stones. The police had used horse charges, dogs and live ammunition. But governments and financial institutions are on the defensive. That is why we cannot allow their threats of violence to stop people joining the protests.

Jonathan Neale from the Genoa Social Forum described the situation in Genoa. The Italian government has taken a slightly softer stance, and has given permission for the main protests to take place. The view from Italy is that this will be a huge mobilisation.

  • Martin Empson

Globalise Resistance forum

Close down the G8 summit
Why you should go to Genoa

Eyewitness from Gothenburg and speakers from World Development Movement, Green Party, Socialist Alliance, London Against Incinerators 

Thursday 28 June, 7.30pm, Whittington Pk Community Centre, Yerbury Road, London N19 Get on board the train to Genoa: 020 8980 3005 or 07956 681 328

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