By Charlie Kimber
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Huge support for Jeremy Corbyn shows we should act now to beat the right

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Issue 2518

Voting started this week in the Labour leadership election.

Jeremy Corbyn is right to say we need to “democratise our country from the ground up, and give people a real say in their communities and workplaces—so that the country works in the interests of the millions, and not just the millionaires”.

Such ideas terrify the bosses and the Tories who want to hang on to their power. But they also face bitter attacks from the Labour right.

London mayor Sadiq Khan and Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale were the latest figures to call for a vote against Corbyn this week.

The divisions in Labour go deep.

There must be no compromise with Corbyn’s opponents who want to make sure the party sticks with the pro-business agenda that proved disastrous in the past.

Everyone should support Corbyn’s polices. But just re-electing him will not be enough.

We need action now against the Tory attacks that threaten the NHS and other vital services.

We need more strikes and protests against austerity and racism and nuclear weapons.

One chance to build the fightback is the demonstration at the Tory party conference in Birmingham on Sunday 2 October.

Everyone who hates the Tories, everyone who backs Corbyn, should be there.


Israel bombs Gaza—again

the town of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza was attacked by Israeli military forces last Sunday. F-16 fighter jets and tanks fired missiles and artillery shells.

Several Palestinians were injured in the attack.

Gaza and two million Palestinian people have been under siege from Israel ever since occupying troops left in 2005. Gaza has suffered countless attacks and invasions by Israeli forces since then.

Fire deaths up after job cuts

The number of people who have died in fires has jumped by 15 percent over the past year to 303, the Home Office has revealed. It is the single biggest percentage increase in fire deaths for 20 years, and the second consecutive rise according to government statistics.

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) blamed government cuts to fire and rescue service budgets of more than 30 percent since 2010 and the axing of 9,600 firefighter jobs.

Women’s pay lags behind men

Women who return to work part-time after having a baby continue to earn less than men for many years afterwards, says a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies. During the subsequent 12 years, the gap grows to 33 percent of men’s hourly pay rates. On average, women earn 18 percent less per hour than men.

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