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Hundreds join protest outside US embassy in response to Trump’s election

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Issue 2530
Anti-racists protest outside the US embassy in reaction to Donald Trumps election
Anti-racists protest outside the US embassy in reaction to Donald Trump’s election (Pic: Socialist Worker)

Hundreds of people turned outside the US embassy in London last night, Wednesday to protest against Donald Trump’s election as US president.

It showed that people are ready to stand up to the racism and bigotry at the heart of his campaign.

The protest was called by Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) at 24 hours’ notice, with organisers claiming some 400 people joined the rally.

Racism is being used to divide the working class in the US and Europe but speaker after speaker addressed the crowd, arguing that we can fight back against it.

“Racism is on the rise, but so is anti-racism.” said Zak Cochrane from SUTR. “We need to make our demo in London next March the biggest anti-racist protest in British history”

A number of people from the US joined the protest. Socialist Worker spoke to some of them about how Trump’s toxic politics can be challenged.

“Trump has given racists a platform and a sense of confidence,” said Daniel from Boston. “This will be a point of mobilisation for a whole generation of young people.”

People argued that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was the worst possible response to Trump’s politics of division.

“If Bernie Sanders had been win the Democratic nomination there might have been a different outcome,” Lisa from southern California told Socialist Worker.

Weyman Bennett from SUTR spoke to the crowd, “Trump blames migrant workers for the crisis caused by the banks. Donald Trump works with David Duke from the Klu Klux Klan.

“I don’t mind him being a reality star but reality starts getting dangerous when you have a man who wants to use nuclear weapons as president of the US.”

Protests against Trump’s election have broken out in cities across the US. Thousands have come out in Oakland, New York, Berkley, Ferguson and elsewhere.

The anti-racist movement in Britain has sent a clear message of solidarity to activists in the US and rejected the racism being used by the ruling class on either sure of the Atlantic.

Anti-racists in Scotland say no to refugee renditions

Renfrewshire Council in Scotland has rejected an application to build a new jail for removing refugees.

The decision was made at a meeting of the council’s planning committee, as a group of 120 people protested against the proposals.

Coming from across Scotland and the local area, protesters were determined that the plans for the jail would not be implemented.

Slogans such as “Refugees are welcome here” and “No borders” were kept up. And speakers from community groups, Refugee support groups, students and Stand up to Racism promised to keep fighting if the plans went ahead.

Councillors found plenty of reasons to reject the application from the private developers who would be running the removal centre for the Tory government. They heard that more than 100 objections had been received.

Many of the councillors referred to Dungavel detention centre near Glasgow, and the continuing protest there.

One councillor called the process “no more than rendition”. Another pointed out that the council had previously rejected the site for use for a nursery.

The council had moved people from housing there because of air pollution from the airport. Yet they were being asked to agree to locking people up in the same area.

This a is a victory for all the people who have campaigned long and hard in Scotland for an end to locking up refugees.

Without their work the councillors of Renfrewshire would not have made this decision .

We may see an appeal or some other plan from the profiteers of rendition. But it is clear from protesters’ resolve of that this will be met with greater opposition.

Graeme Cumming

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