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Palestinian ambassador Husam Zomlot praises ‘unprecedented solidarity’ movement in Britain  

He attacked Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak for supporting Israel
Husam Zomlot marching for Palestine in London on 13 January demo, he holds a banner with others

Husam Zomlot marching for Palestine in London on 13 January demo

The Palestinian ambassador to Britain has slammed British politicians for their torrent of Islamophobia.

Husam Zomlot told a press conference on Tuesday, “The last few months have seen the worst of Britain with the government’s inconsistent policies and what you saw in parliament last week.”

But Zomlot contrasted that with the response from ordinary people. “For five months, you’ve seen hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating,” he said. “That is commendable.”

Lee Anderson MP told the right wing GB News last weekend that London mayor Sadiq Khan has “given our capital city away” to Islamists.

Zomlot said, “To paint the most moving act of the British people, the act that shows people have principles, to paint them as Islamists is in my opinion Islamophobic, anti-Palestinian and anti-British.

“I was on the marches. I didn’t see Islamists, I saw people. I saw grandmothers, brothers, sisters, mothers with pushchairs, diversity, unity and passion. Some frame these people as ‘Islamists’ but they are the British people—with a sense of solidarity and support for humanity.”

“We must fight Islamophobia as much as we fight antisemitism. If you only fight one form of racism you are not anti-racist, you are racist.”

He added, “The attempt to divide is a serious business that has gone on for a long time.

“Islamophobia has risen by 335 percent. It is Palestinians and Muslims who have been violently attacked in recent months.”

Politicians are ramping up Islamophobia because they’ve been terrified by the Palestine solidarity movement.

When asked about the mass demonstrations in Britain, Zomlot said, “People are focusing on the demonstrations because it’s a physical act of solidarity.

“But it’s not just the demonstrations, there are thousands of acts across Britain. There is unprecedented solidarity. It goes beyond marching and demonstrations.

“Last week 80,000 Britons lobbied MPs for an immediate ceasefire. This is a serious movement. It is sustained.

“Given the historic responsibility of Britain, it could not be more relevant that the anti-colonisation movement emanates from Britain. It might not grow in numbers, but it will grow in diversification, impact and influence.”

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” has rung out on the mass demonstrations in London.

Protesters projected the slogan onto the Houses of Parliament during the ceasefire vote last week—and Sunak condemned it. One pundit parroted Sunak’s line at the press conference, suggesting the slogan was antisemitic.

“Israel exists from the river to the sea. That is in the manifesto of Israel’s ruling party,” responded Zomlot.

“The slogan is a call to justice. They want to eradicate the system of apartheid built from the river to the sea, the colonial expansion, the theft of land and the besiegement of millions of people over the years.”

He blasted Sunak, “Israel uses ‘from the river to the sea’. Israel is calling for the eradication of the Palestinian people.

“Why didn’t we hear the British prime minister say this is against international law and anti-Palestine? No one is eradicating Israel. Israel is eradicating Palestine.”

It’s crucial to build the workplace and student day of action called by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop The War and others on 8 March—and the national demonstration the following day.

Ground invasion of Rafah is ‘push for mass expulsion’

“A ground invasion of Rafah will bring untold suffering,” said Zomlot. “There are 1.5 million in a very small piece of land—6,000 people per one kilometre.

“Can you imagine Israel’s terror? They will kill tens of thousands. The final push in Rafah is the final push for mass expulsion.

“With any talk of possible agreements, Netanyahu is just buying time. He plays the game of time and blame, blaming everyone else.

“Netanyahu is personally invested in the continued aggression and the worst aspects of his government are interested in ethnic cleansing. They want to finish what they started 75 years ago. They have a plan.”

Zomlot called out the US and Britain for backing Israel’s genocide. “Israel won’t accept a ceasefire unless it’s forced to,” he said. “Britain and the US need to threaten to stop sending weapons to Israel.

“I blame Biden. Biden could have ended this long ago. It is US that provides Israel with the toys to carry out a genocide.”

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