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Hypocrisy in Balkans

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Issue 1741

Hypocrisy in Balkans

IN THE Balkans we have once again seen people burned out of their homes and forced to flee for their lives. Two years ago Tony Blair and Western governments launched their bombing of Kosovo and Serbia.

They justified it by saying that Serbian forces were using military power and terror to drive Albanians from their homes. Today it is the Macedonian government that is using military force and terror to drive Albanians from their homes. Again Britain is sending troops, but this time they are going to back up Macedonia.

The contrast shows that the fate of ordinary people, Albanian or any other, is irrelevant to the Western powers. The West simply uses concern for the victims to win public backing for military intervention.

Such intervention is about securing the West’s interests by shoring up whichever regimes it thinks best guarantee freedom for Western business and the repayment of bankers’ debts. It is those debts and the West’s bombing which are bleeding the Balkans dry, condemning its people to poverty, and stoking up a tinder box of ethnic hatred.

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