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Jeremy Corbyn MP on why he is standing for Labour leader: ‘I aspire to decent homes and jobs’

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Jeremy Corbyn spoke to Socialist Worker about his different vision for the Labour Party
Issue 2457
Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

“I want there to be a debate in the Labour Party, mainly on the issue of austerity. 

“Austerity has worked against the poorest and cut the most vital public services.

“I want to say I’m an aspirational voter. 

“I aspire for everyone to have a decent, clean, dry and safe home to live in and young people getting a job. 

“I aspire to see young people not leaving university in debt. Those are my aspirations.

“I went to ten different constituencies during the campaign. The issue of Ukip is huge.

“At one level Ukip presents a completely racist message and tries to blame every conceivable problem on immigration. 

“In some cases they find a resonance on that. 

“They also tapped into a deep cynicism about politics.

“But Labour’s pledge included immigration controls. It was as if there aren’t any immigration controls now. 

“There have been immigration controls since 1905 in Britain. They are now tougher than ever. 

“I know this from my constituency caseload when people come with the difficulties they have with things like family reunions. 

“I had some discussions with voters in Thanet on this subject and I asked, ‘By the way what is the name of your doctor?’ 

“They then concede that there are large numbers of people who have migrated here and work very hard keeping our NHS going.

“They then become defensive saying, ‘it’s not about them it’s about the others’. 

“Well it’s always about the ‘others’. Labour didn’t confront this strongly enough.

“Ten MPs nominated me straight away and I’ve had an enormous social media response and support from people as I walk around my constituency.

“Political debate on the left now is about how we deal with austerity. 

“It is about the 20 June demonstrations and how we try and move the unions and the Labour Party to the left.”


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