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Join protests against transphobia this weekend

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Issue 2760
Trans pride last year
London Trans+ pride last year (Pic: Guy Smallman)

London Trans+ pride was set to go ahead on Saturday of this week in the wake of rising transphobia.

The event’s organisers said the march will be an opportunity “to unite our voices against the continued and increasing disregard for trans safety, healthcare and ­wellbeing” in Britain.

“We need to continue to put pressure on the government to invest in trans healthcare, accessible ­bathroom provisions and prison facilities, and to ban the forced surgeries for intersex children,” they added.


The Tories have refused to reform the Gender Recognition Act despite a consultation that voted ­overwhelmingly in favour of changes to make the process of transitioning easier.

A court decision this year also banned puberty ­blockers for under-16s.

Tory Equalities’ minister Liz Truss defended this, wrongly claiming trans youth are forced into irreversible surgeries. And the Tories have also denied non-binary as a legally recognised gender.

Defending trans rights is crucial. Arguments over gender identity have become one of the nastiest ­battlegrounds for “free speech” defenders who demand their right to intimidate and repress people.

What does it mean to be non-binary?
What does it mean to be non-binary?
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Attacks on the LGBT+ charity Stonewall shows how far transphobes will go to deny trans people’s rights.

One of Stonewall’s 14 co-founders—former Tory MP Matthew Parris—accused the charity of taking an “extremist stance”.

This was after Stonewall came out to defend trans people. Transphobic accusations against Stonewall said it had misrepresented the Equality Act 2010 by giving “incorrect and potentially illegal” advice.

London Trans+ pride is an opportunity to show ­resistance to top down transphobia and those who are fighting against the ­existence of trans people.

“They consulted us on our lived experience, and now it’s their turn to listen. Let’s show those in positions of power what a network of care and radical love looks like,” the pride organisers said.


During pride month, it’s vital that socialists and trade unionists are out in support across the country for trans rights.

The radical history of Stonewall as a riot, rather than a corporate sponsored party, has never been more vital.

London Trans+ pride last year saw thousands take to the street to call for radical change—denouncing transphobes, the Tories and their system.

Demanding rights for trans people to live and self-identity is the real tradition of pride that needs to hit back at the wave of attacks.

London Trans+ Pride, Saturday 26 June, assemble 2pm, Wellington Arch, London

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