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Left List brings an alternative political vision to Peckham

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Katt Young, the Left List candidate for Lambeth & Southwark, held a walkabout in Peckham market, south London, on Saturday of last week.
Issue 2096
Katt Young speaking to residents in Peckham (Pic: Socialist Worker)
Katt Young speaking to residents in Peckham (Pic: Socialist Worker)

Katt Young, the Left List candidate for Lambeth & Southwark, held a walkabout in Peckham market, south London, on Saturday of last week.

New Labour MP Harriet Harman held a similar walkabout the week before – wearing a stab vest and surrounded by a phalanx of police.

Locals were angry at the MP’s insult, they told Katt.

One woman said, ‘To wear a stab vest while walking among shoppers is like saying we are all animals.’

Another said that the problem for young people is that their parents have to work late.

‘I finish work at 6pm, my children get home from school at 4pm. So for two hours there is no one home,’ one mother said. ‘This is causing me massive stress. I’d love to be home for them, get them their tea and make sure they do their homework.

‘There are thousands of families who face similar problems. If you want to solve this, you have to start with the fact that we have no choice but to work these hours. Change that and we can get home early.’

Katt joined a campaign to help save Offley Works, a community-run organisation that provides courses and activities for the borough’s young people.

Funding for the centre was withdrawn as part of cost cutting measures by the London Development Authority.

Katt told Socialist Worker, ‘The threat of closure against Offley Works shows how politicians talk about ‘improving people’s lives’ on the one hand, then withdraw services and close community centres on the other.

‘The one message coming out of today is that people are fed up with poverty wages and long working hours.’

Campaigning for Lindsey German

Lindsey German, the Left List mayoral candidate in London, has been busy on the campaign trail. Her campaign team reports an enthusiastic response at events across the city.

In the last week Lindsey’s activities included speaking at a public meeting in Newham, east London, being interviewed for the Pink Paper, visiting a mosque in Camden, and attending Stop the War’s ‘wall of sound’ demonstration against Tony Blair.

Lindsey joined the picket lines at the Express Newspaper Group to show support for striking journalists.

Events last weekend included speaking about the global economic crisis at a Muslim thinktank and holding a campaign walkabout meeting people in Southall, west London.

She also spoke to a mixed audience of Muslims and non-Muslims at Cricklewood mosque in north west London at a meeting against Islamophobia.

Last Sunday Lindsey was also invited to the Curzon Soho cinema to introduce one of her favourite films – The Battle of Chile.

To invite Lindsey to a meeting in your area, or to get involved in the campaign, go to » or phone 020 8983 9671

A manifesto for radical change

The Left List launched its 20-page manifesto for the London assembly elections on Tuesday of this week in a listed building in Shoreditch, east London.

The building is threatened with demolition by property developers who want to erect a 51 storey tower block on the site instead.

Local resident Paul Fredericks, who is a Left List candidate for the London assembly, pledged his support for local residents who are campaigning against this.

‘Spitalfields is being turned into a corporate shopping ‘experience’ at the expense of local people,’ he said.

Lindsey German, the Left List mayoral candidate, introduced the manifesto.

She announced she had sent an open letter to Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson, Brian Paddick and Sian Berry asking them to join her in pledging to take the London Living Wage rather than the existing salary of over £100,000, if they are elected mayor on 1 May.

The Left List election broadcast will take place on Tuesday 22 April at 6.55pm on BBC1. For details of times on other channels go to »

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