By Isabel Ringrose
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Liz Truss’s government will step up attacks on workers

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Liz Truss's plans will restrict workers rights and accelerate climate chaos
Issue 2821
Don't Pay UK protesters outside Downing Street after Liz Truss's election with placards calling for non-payment of fuel bills

Hours after Truss’ election was announced, Don’t Pay UK supporters protested outside Downing Street (Picture: Guy Smallman)

Another Tory prime minister, with no interest in providing for ordinary people, has gained power. As if our suffering wasn’t great enough, the country’s new leader Liz Truss has made it clear that her tenure will be pro-rich and anti-worker.

Truss already plans to give more money back to the rich and slash taxes to favour big business. Just last weekend she proclaimed “it is fair” to give high earners more money through tax cuts.

Truss boasted she would “start cutting taxes from day one”. Part of her plan would reverse next year’s corporation tax increase that would have risen from 19 to 25 percent.

And her pledge to reverse this year’s National Insurance rise would see poor income households gain just £7.66, while higher earners would grab back £1,800 a year. National Insurance contributions rose by 1.25 percent in April to fund the NHS and social care.

Instead of paying 12 percent on earnings up to £50,270 and 2 ­percent on anything above that, it increased to 13.25 percent and 3.25 percent. Truss wants to undo this—but only to fill the pockets of big earners who already paid less in ­proportion than lower earners.

She has also promised to “act immediately” on the cost of living crisis. Her plan for soaring energy bills was set to be announced within a week of starting the job. With average household energy bills set to rise to £3,500 within weeks, Truss is tipped to freeze them. That reflects the fury from ­millions over the decision to raise prices to protect profits.

But Truss’ plan could mean ­millions being paid to energy companies to make up their losses—which wouldn’t be funded by the rich and their taxes. Or the cost could be a “loan” to lumped into our bills at a later date. And Truss certainly won’t ­nationalise the energy firms.

She dismissed claims that Britain is facing an “Armageddon scenario”. Instead she said, “we are in a good position” to deal with tough challenges. Truss is a dangerous enemy. Under her rule more oil drilling will be approved, there will be more ­fracking for gas.

Oppression and hate—from transphobia that Truss ramped up in her time as equalities’ minister to attacks on migrants—will be pushed hard. Truss has also pledged an array of new anti-union laws designed to break the recent increase in workers’ resistance. 

Instead of backing off or being intimidated, we  need more of the wave of strikes that have battled low wages and rising costs. Workers must step up resistance in every area as another Tory takes power. As Truss walks into Downing Street, it’s up to the ­working class to give her and the rest of her Tory scumbags hell.

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