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London Socialist Alliance campaign

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Issue 1694

London Socialist Alliance campaign

THERE ARE just a few days left in the campaign to get the socialist message out across London. Next Thursday millions of people will vote for the London mayor and Greater London Assembly. The campaign by the London Socialist Alliance has been out across the capital in the last few weeks, and striking a chord wherever people have heard the message.

In wards in every constituency over one million leaflets have been delivered. But there is still much more to do in the last week. There are still areas where leaflets have not yet been delivered. It is urgent that this happens in the coming days. The great danger is that there are many people who would vote for the London Socialist Alliance but have yet to hear of it.

A second leaflet is now out, reminding people of the LSA and how they can vote for it in each area. There are just days to get that delivered in every ward. Placards and window posters need to be up in every area too. In the final days all LSA supporters need to work flat out to ensure the biggest possible vote.

A key to that will be the coming May Day weekend. Stalls with people on megaphones should be up in every area, shopping centre and market where numbers of people gather. Vans and cars with loudhailers need to be out touring streets and estates to get the socialist message across. Those efforts then need to be stepped up in the last few days running up to Thursday, and be followed by the biggest possible effort on the day itself to remind people to get out to vote.

How to vote

YOU WILL get two ballot papers when you go to vote next Thursday. The white ballot paper is for the London mayor election. You will also be given a yellow ballot paper. This is for the London Assembly in which the London Socialist Alliance is standing. You have two votes on the yellow paper, one for a constituency candidate, and a second vote for a “London Member” drawn from a list. The LSA list is headed by Paul Foot, although his name does not appear on the ballot paper.

The list gives minority parties a share of seats even if they don’t win any in the traditional “first past the post” system being used for the constituency candidates. Any party getting 5 percent of votes on the London Member list part of the yellow ballot is likely to get someone elected. You should vote for your LSA constituency candidate by putting an X next to their name on the yellow ballot paper. Then you should also vote for the LSA on the London Member list by putting an X next to the LSA name and logo, which are number 9 on the yellow paper. Remember to Vote LSA twice on the yellow paper!

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