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‘Macho’ man Prescott is polluters’ poodle

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Issue 1725

Climate summit sell out

‘Macho’ man Prescott is polluters’ poodle

THE SCANDAL of the failed summit at The Hague on global warming is greater than the row over deputy prime minister John Prescott’s sexist behaviour towards the French environment minister.

It is about the way Prescott did the dirty work for the multinationals that pull the strings of the US government. Prescott stormed out of The Hague not because the majority of delegates wouldn’t sign up to effective controls, but because they baulked at allowing him to sell the environment down the river.

Prescott made sure any real measures to prevent the giant car and oil companies spewing out the gases that produce global warming were sunk at The Hague. His “deal” would have allowed the US to INCREASE its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 8 percent, instead of cutting them by the 7 percent it pledged at the 1997 Kyoto climate summit.

The US pumps out a quarter of all global greenhouse gas emissions, but has only 4 percent of the world’s population. Prescott tried to justify his sell-out by saying that he wanted to “close the deal” in case Republican contender George W Bush wins the US presidency. But Democrat contender Al Gore’s record on the environment is as bad as any Republican’s.

Under the Clinton/Gore administration the US has passed laws that block anything being done to cut greenhouse gases. We will all suffer from Prescott’s role as poodle to the US and the multinationals.

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