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March to defend abortion rights in Britain and the US

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Four more Republican-led states in the US were this week set to ban almost all abortions.
Issue 2820
Women with placards such as 'You can't ban abortion, only safe abortion'

Protesting in London at the US embassy for abortion rights in June

The Abortion Rights UK group is holding a counter‑protest this Saturday against an annual anti-choice march.

It said, “The fightback is here. The antis are emboldened after the overturning of Roe v Wade in the US, but we are the pro-choice majority.”

The annual “March for Life”, comes to London to harangue people with its bigoted demand of “Life From Conception—No exception!” Pro-choice activists should be out in numbers to make sure to defend a woman’s right to choose.

Meanwhile, four more Republican-led states in the US are this week set to ban almost all abortions. Already 13 states have passed trigger laws that outlawed abortion immediately after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade on 24 June. All four had anti-abortion laws in place. Texas last year banned abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy.

In Tennessee, just two of six clinics still offer services and laws require women to wait 48 hours before getting an abortion. Bans are hitting the South hardest—in particular black women. 

Now 10 million black women in the South risk being unable to access any services, despite being more likely to experience poverty, have less health care and face more pregnancy complications.

And, for many, travelling to another state won’t be an option. For those in Alabama a one-way trip to the nearest clinic is 352 miles.

  • Abortion Rights UK protest meet Sat 3 Sep, 3.30pm at the Fawcett Statue, Parliament Square, London SW1P 3JX

Abortion Rights has produced this solidarity motion

This branch notes:

  • the current threats to global abortion rights, led by the recent actions of the US Supreme Court (the nation’s most senior legal body) which have overturned the constitutional right to an abortion across the US;
  • closer to home, that many people who are seeking to end a pregnancy have to travel long distances and have to wait for considerable lengths of time to access abortion care;
  • that in the UK people can still be prosecuted for trying to procure an abortion (for example, for ordering abortion pills online, as recent press coverage has shown);
  • that all this is despite the fact that 85% of the general public in the UK support access to abortion in cases of unwanted pregnancy, and even though the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Royal College of Midwives have called for abortion to be decriminalised, and for our laws to catch up with modern medicine.

This branch believes:

  • that access to safe, free, legal and local abortion is a human right, as is the choice of whether to continue with a pregnancy;
  • that nobody should have to face life imprisonment for exercising or helping others exercise this right, and that abortion should be decriminalised in the UK and beyond;
  • and that, furthermore, abortion laws and rights should reflect the pro-choice beliefs of the general public.

This branch therefore resolves:

  • to join Abortion Rights, in standing in solidarity with all those who are facing escalating attacks on abortion rights, in the UK, US and worldwide;
  • to send solidarity to sibling unions and activist groups mobilising in defence of choice;
  • to support national and local solidarity motions in support of global abortion rights;
  • to affiliate with Abortion Rights and encourage our members to join as individual members

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