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Meet Ayesha Saleem the TUSC candidate for Edinburgh East

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Issue 2440
Ayesha Saleem

Ayesha Saleem

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) will be standing parliamentary candidates across Britain in May’s general election.

Ayesha Saleem will be standing in Edinburgh East. 

“I’m the anti-austerity, anti-racist candidate for a socialist alternative,” she told Socialist Worker. “I’m involved in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and a member of the Unite union.

“I was also part of the campaign that got the bedroom tax scrapped in Scotland.”

Ayesha campaigned as part of the Yes movement for the Scottish referendum last year.

This saw a huge level of engagement with politics among working class people who wanted to fight for a better society.

Ayesha wants to bring the spirit of the Yes movement into her campaign by involving working class people.

“We will be doing stalls and going door to door,” she said. “We’ll also be holding hustings where people can challenge the candidates.”

The Labour Party is suffering for helping the Tories win the referendum. A recent poll shows it could lose all but a handful of its seats in Scotland.

Some on the left are now calling for a vote for the Scottish National Party (SNP). They say it’s wrong to stand against SNP candidates.

But Ayesha believes it’s right to challenge the SNP. She said, “The SNP is a middle class nationalist party. No matter what it says, it is a party that is on the side of big business.”

She added, “It has implemented austerity in local councils and wants a low wage economy. That’s why we need a principled socialist alternative.”

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