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Middle East talks fail

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Issue 1707

Middle East talks fail

The Middle East peace process talks broke down on Tuesday of this week. US president Clinton had been eager to claim a deal at the Camp David talks between Israel’s Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. But there was stalemate over the issue of Jerusalem.

Palestinians effectively have local control over east Jerusalem. But Israel dominates Jerusalem and retains authority over all the key resources. The Israeli state would like to extend its control over other settlements around the city.

The most hardline Israelis want to keep all Palestinians totally without rights. The collapse of the talks means there will be no justice for the Palestinians, who were driven out of their homeland in 1948.

They still face massive poverty and are denied basic human rights in the refugee camps they live in across the region. The US government will continue to back the Israeli state economically and millitarily while turning a blind eye to the Israeli settlers who are entrenching their bases in disputed territory.

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