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Millions worldwide reject Trump’s sexist bigotry

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The Womens March in Washington
The Women’s March in Washington (Pic: Jim Havard)

Over 5 million people globally marched for women’s rights and against Donald Trump last Saturday, according to the official Women’s March organisers.

The Women’s March on Washington sparked a global solidarity movement, with over 670 protests across seven continents.

Trump has talked about his previous sexual assaults with pride, has encouraged racism and is gearing up to attack LGBT+ people.

The protests worldwide were called as women’s marches but the atmospheres were inclusive with women, men and children marching.

Australia was the first to join the global day of action, with 5,000 marching in Sydney and 10,000 in Melbourne.

Crowds chanted, “Women united will never be defeated”.


Fighting attacks on women, migrants and LGBT+ people were at the core of these protests. Claire Kelly, a pro-choice campaigner in Ireland said, “What Trump represents is very scary.

“From LGBT+ rights to migrants to the climate, we must fight back against him.”

Some 5,000 protesters were at a women’s march in Dublin, Ireland, where the fight for a woman’s right to choose continues.

Building stronger campaigns against racism, war and neoliberal attacks against working class people were strong parts of the protest.

Protests took place in Malawi and Ghana as well as Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Germany saw marches across seven different cities, including Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

In Austrian capital Vienna, at least 2,000 attended the protest.

March organiser Karin Wilflingseder, a leading member of the revolutionary socialist Neue Linkswende group, spoke to Socialist Worker. “Even the statue of famous composer Johann Strauss got a pink hood,” she said. Student Lisa came from neighbouring Slovakia to join the march.

“I am here against Trump, but right-wing populist parties are on the rise everywhere—we need left alternatives,” she said.


Hundreds marched in the Polish capital Warsaw from the prime minister’s office to the US embassy.

On the Womens March in Warsaw

On the Women’s March in Warsaw (Pic: Sister Marches)

A mass movement stopped the right wing government in Poland pushing through a total ban on abortions last year.

The protest was not only against Trump, but focused on the racism and sexism of the government. These international women’s protests spread as far as Antarctica, on an expedition ship.

Reminiscent of the Stop the War Coalition in the 2000s, a protest of 30 men and women and was held in Paradise Bay.

Their placards read “save the planet” and “women’s rights are human rights”.

Organisers in many countries are building for further action, especially the anti-racism protests on Saturday 18 March.

Torrent of protests rains on Trump’s first parade

Millions beyond the capital, Washington DC, joined a wave of protests against Donald Trump’s inauguration that swept across the US last weekend.

On billionaire bigot Trump’s front door step in New York City, organisers said that over half a million took to the streets on Saturday. Even the mayor’s office said there were “more than 400,000” on the Women’s March.

The mass of protesters marched on Trump’s New York town house.

The protests in New York City

The protests in New York City (Pic: Mathiaswasik/flikr)

Eric Fretz is a US socialist in New York City. He told Socialist Worker, “What’s scary to people here is the combination of Trump’s extreme, right wing ideology and his ultra rich, ultra conservative cabinet picks.”

He added, “This could be disastrous on many fronts, but it is also creating divisions on their side. It’s fuelling opposition on our side that’s bigger than anything we have seen in a long time—as we witnessed on Saturday.”

Some 750,000 descended on Los Angeles. Democratic party mayor Eric Garcetti told the crowd, “It doesn’t matter who is at the top—it matters what we do at the bottom.”

And in Chicago 250,000 turned out. Organisers of the Women’s March told people that they would only have a rally because there were too many people—but they marched anyway.

In total, some 550 protests took part, including a 50,000-strong one in Austin, Texas and one 10,000-strong in Birmingham, Alabama.

They were an impressive show of strength against Trump—now that has to be built into a powerful movement.

As one teacher on the New York march said, “Everyone felt great on the march to see so many people—but we need to figure out what’s next”.

From Beirut to Berlin—we can fight and win

Donald Trump’s inauguration was greeted with worldwide resistance last Friday with protests outside US embassies.

In Athens hundreds of people joined a demonstration called by anti-racist organisation Keerfa.

It was one of several across Greece.

In Amsterdam in the Netherlands over 4,000 took to the street. The demonstration was called by a coalition of anti-racists, feminists and refugees.


The mood was militant with slogans not only against Trump but targeting Geert Wilders’ racist Freedom Party.

Meanwhile in Berlin, chants of “No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here” rang out as hundreds of people protested.

There were also protests in the Middle East and Asia. In Beirut, Lebanon, people compared Trump to the country’s former dictators.A US flag was burned at a protest in Manila in the Philippines outside the US embassy. People also called for an end to the presence of US troops in the country.

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