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Mounted cops charged school children

This article is over 11 years, 8 months old
Many people were shocked at the police treatment of protesting students on Day X.
Issue 2230
Police ‘contain’ students on Day X (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Many people were shocked at the police treatment of protesting students on Day X.

In Whitehall, police kettled thousands of students from early in the afternoon.

This blocked movement and pushed people up against the frontlines of police.

As darkness fell, police on horses repeatedly charged a section of the demonstration, pushing people towards Trafalgar Square.

Video clips show students screaming in fear when the horses charged.

Some parents, who were waiting for their children to be released, were also caught up in the charge.

As students tried to run to safety, lines of waiting police moved to block their exit.

In the days that followed, national newspapers published pictures of a police medic who set off a halon fire extinguisher into the faces of protesters.

These extinguishers are banned for civilian use because of the toxic gases they release.

The police have made clear to a new generation that they are on the other side—and that they want to crush resistance.

Police and government condemnations of “violent” students are pure hypocrisy.

The violence is on their side—with the government’s illegal wars and deaths in police custody unpunished.

But students have not been deterred. And attacks on students have only spurred more people to support them.

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