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Muslims in Britain say – join the London protest on Saturday against Donald Trump

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Issue 2539
Muslims join a protest against Trumps Muslim ban in Bradford on Tuesday of this week
Muslims join a protest against Trump’s Muslim ban in Bradford on Tuesday of this week (Pic: Neil Terry)

Activists are going all out to build for the demonstration against Donald Trump outside the US embassy in London this Saturday.

The protest is against Trump’s Muslim ban. It was initiated by Stand Up To Racism (SUTR), Stop the War, the Muslim Association of Britain, the People’s Assembly and Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend).

Muslim organisations called for people to join the demonstration at a press conference at the London Muslim Centre (LMC) in east London this afternoon, Thursday.

Azad Ali from Mend told Socialist Worker, “Donald Trump’s policies are openly Islamophobic. He wants to change ‘counter terrorism’ policy to focus just on Muslims.

“But lots of ordinary people disagree with what Trump is doing – we want to galvanise that feeling.

“We want to mobilise Muslims to come out on Saturday and we’ve been putting out the call to Muslim organisations.”

Dilowar Khan from the LMC slammed Trump for claiming last November that Muslims had made east Londona “no go area”.“There were ‘no go areas’ for Muslims in the 1970s and 80s,” he said.

“When I was a teenager I couldn’t go to parts of Tower Hamlets because I’d be attacked.Trump wants to take us back to those days and we have to resist that.”


Lindsey German from Stop the War also pointed to the hypocrisy behind Trump’s ban. “The majority of the seven countries it’s restricted to have been bombed or occupied by the US in recent years,” she said.

Weyman Bennett from SUTR said, “Donald Trump is normalising the level of racism and Islamophobia and we should not accept that.

All the communities that Trump is attacking should join together. If we do that, we can push back against Trump’s policies.”

Around 50 students met at the School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) last night to discuss building opposition on campuses. It was called by left wing NUS student union president Malia Bouattia.

Samira, a student at UCL university in London, told Socialist Worker, “We’ve got a lot to lose, but I have a lot of hope from the protests.

“I hope it doesn’t go away and will put pressure on Theresa May and our government.”

Josh came from the University of Cambridge to the meeting. He told Socialist Worker, “The protests have given me a lot of optimism. Now we have to take on Tories and get radical change in society.”

It’s crucial that the demonstration on Saturday is big and militant. The rising movement can take on racism and those at the top of society who are pushing it.

As Samira said, “Now surely is the time to revolt. When we saw the Arab Spring it seemed rational for people there to rise up – why would it not be rational now?

“May made fun of Jeremy Corbyn for leading protesters at prime minister’s questions, so we should show her protest.”

Join the London protest against Trump’s Muslim ban – Saturday 4 February, assemble 11am, US Embassy, Grosvenor Square for a march to Downing Street. Go to for more information

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