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New Labour lies over PFI

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Issue 1764


New Labour lies over PFI

Report Blair tried to supress

“WE have seen no evidence… that the PFI scheme will achieve value for money”

  • Accountants Deloitte & Touche on privatisation of London’s tube

A REPORT by accountants Deloitte & Touche into the future of London’s tube has blown New Labour’s lies over privatisation apart. The government and London Underground management desperately tried to stop publication of the study into the PPP plan (the new name for the Tories’ PFI privatisation scheme).

Then ministers tried to delete 30 sections from the 19-page document, most of them critical of the government. The report found that the government had brazenly fiddled the figures to make bids from private companies appear cheaper than public investment in the tube.

Part of New Labour’s calculations assumed little subsidy for a publicly owned tube but huge government handouts to fat cats running a privatised service. The accountants’ report confirms what patients and health workers are discovering in hospitals across Britain.

PFI schemes mean worse services, are more expensive, and guarantee profits for giant corporations. From the Channel Tunnel link to the Skye Bridge the true costs of these schemes are shrouded in secrecy.

The lies and cover-ups are no accident. They are the only way this pro-business government can push through the sell-off of services which people want in public hands.

Sick of privatisation?

Back the protest at New Labour’s conference Sunday 30 September, Brighton-see pages 2 and 9

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