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Issue 2495

South Yorkshire Police gave ‘inaccurate’ stats on abuse

South Yorkshire Police (SYP) was accused of letting down victims of child sexual exploitation last week.

Figures given to the BBC showed that SYP received 695 complaints over a three-year period and made 46 charges—a 6.6 percent charge rate.

The charge rate for Greater Manchester was 24.6 percent while the Metropolitan Police had a 20.3 percent charge rate.

SYP then said the figures given to the BBC were inaccurate due to a “clerical error”. It said there were 681 offences and 177 people charged.

The Crown Prosecution Service said SYP brought among the fewest prosecutions of child abusers in the past three years.

Five men and a woman have been charged with 53 offences relating to alleged exploitation of girls in Sheffield.

The offences, including rape and conspiracy to arrange or facilitate child prostitution, are alleged to have taken place between 2005 and 2012.

Those charged are Christopher Whiteley, Matthew Whiteley, Shane Whiteley, Amanda Spencer, Andrew Francis-Edge and Taleb Bapir. They will appear in court on 21 March.

‘Stunning’ record shows rapid rate of global warming

Last month was the hottest February worldwide on record, smashing records by a “stunning” margin, according to Nasa.

January had already broken the record to become the hottest for that month in a century of records, but February saw global average surface tempatures rise higher still.

This vastly outstrips the effect of the year’s El Nino climate phenomenon and points to an alarming acceleration of global warming.

Short of rapid and comprehensive action to stop greenhouse emissions it leaves no chance of meeting politicians’ target of capping warming at 2 degrees Celsius.

But the climate deal reached at Paris last December will only see emissions rise—makeing climate catastrophe harder than ever to avert.

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